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Fri, Jul 15, 2011, by webseowriters

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Are you looking for Google Plus Signup page or a free invitation?

Google + launch give a heavy punch on Facebook face, the starting of Google Plus is indeed a start of new technological era and the end of Facebook monopoly. Google plus is a positive effort by Google to reshape social networking. Google + is proofing very beneficial both for individuals and website owners.

Right now Google is inviting only limited number of people to sign up for Google plus, because this service is still in a Beta mode. You can get a Google Plus login and signup page for this service too if someone invite you to Google plus or he give you his own invitation link. Every invited user gets 10 further invitations through which they can invite their friends to this great service.

Google Plus does not have a wall like Facebook but it has more features then Facebook, have a look at few interesting features of Google Plus.

  • You can create a friend’s circle, where you can add unlimited friends.
  • You can make free video call to any of your friend.
  • Free voice chat.
  • Free Google Plus games and gadgets
  • Google Hangout feature
  • Google Plus Android app is also available for smartphones.

I hope at the end of this month Google Plus will be publicly available to every Internet user and then you can register for free or use your existing Google account.

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  1. Jimmy Shilaho Says:

    Having been fed up with Facebook, it will be interesting to see how the new social network shapes up.

  2. Uma Shankari Says:

    I thought you were supplying some invitations yourself!! Good share.

  3. Ruby Hawk Says:

    We’ll have to watch how it works out.

  4. lapasan Says:

    I am waiting for that. If it is available I might sign up for registration.

  5. The Elements Says:

    Thanks for your info

  6. hellotajul Says:

    thanks for sharing

  7. siriiiii Says:

    thanks for sharing.

  8. webseowriters Says:

    wait for one month

  9. webseowriters Says:

    @Ruby Hawk
    sure keep your eye on

  10. webseowriters Says:

    @The Elements

  11. Socorro Lawas Says:

    Google+ that’s the worthiest proposition ever!

  12. todd stambaugh Says:

    hey can u invite me please??…..

  13. rajhans mate Says:

    plz if possible send me a invitation…m damn sure it wud b fun here…

  14. rajesh Says:

    please invite me

  15. inayat shah Says:


  16. rajni shrivastava Says:

    wanna sign up in GOOGLE PLUS as soon as possible………..

  17. Michael Says:

    I would also like to be invited, thanks to anyone that does.

  18. Shushima Says:

    wanna sign up in google plus asap. thank you

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