Google Drive Updates on Ios

Thu, Sep 13, 2012, by Harshit Walia

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Now, you can edit documents online on Google Docs on iOS.

Google Docs lets you create, edit and access your documents online. Microsoft word and powerpoint files can easily be created and edited online and you can download them anytime. Even if you don’t have MS Office in your computer, you can easily create MS word or powerpoint files online on Google Docs and access them anytime.

All you need to use Google Docs is an internet connection on your computer. If you’re using an Android enabled device or mobile phone, Google Docs is available on Android Market since November 2010.

Google Docs available on iOS lack the functionality to edit the documents online. But, here is the great news. Google Docs editing is now available on iOS. Now, you can experience the Google Docs editing on iPhone and iPad.

Google Docs is one of the most useful technology on the world wide web. Google Drive is now available in an updates version on iOS that includes the online editing functionality of Google Docs.

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