Google Buys Photo Editing App Snapseed

Wed, Sep 19, 2012, by bangpress

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Even Google is by editing the photographs: after Facebook, which in this respect has scored a major hit with the acquisition of Instagram, the Mountain View company also puts his hands on a company active in this area.

Google buys photo editing app Snapseed
This is Nik Software, whose products figure Snapseed, photo editing app dedicated winner of the prize for the best app for the iPad in 2011. At the moment there are no known figures of the deal, but what seems certain is the integration team Snapseed within the group that deals with Google+.

The ultimate goal of the search giant is therefore to expand their social network tool for photo editing that is both functional, efficient, full of tools and easy to use. These are characteristics that have marked Snapseed since its inception, to the point that more than 9 million users have purchased in the first 12 months of life the application, the cost of which is equal to $ 4.99.

Google buys photo editing app Snapseed
“We want to help people create great pictures and our experience tells us that Nik is the best in this regard,” said Vic Gundotra, on whose profile Plus has been confirmed the deal between the two companies. A deal that comes at a time when the company was acquired by Google is working on developing a version of Snapseed for Android and the entrance into the ranks of Mountain View could further accelerate this process by enabling users of the green robot have an alternative editing of your photos.

Google buys photo editing app Snapseed
The acquisition, in short, could allow Google to enrich two of the projects more comprehensive tools that have already proven their worth on the field, introducing its team of developers new resources with a good experience. The challenge to Facebook, in fact, also passes by the photo management and after migration to Instagram to Menlo Park, there came a new transfer to Mountain View.

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