Google Android Operating System Vulnerabilities Hackers Can Keep Control Equipment Rootkit

Sun, Aug 1, 2010, by jinliu

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Google Android operating system vulnerabilities hackers can keep control equipment Rootkit.

Spider Labs director Nicholas Percoco said, which is not difficult to research and development tools. Nicholas and his colleagues in Sri Lanka Friday in Las Defcon hacker conference, held in the paragraph published tools.

Nicholas said, when they spent two weeks of R & D which virus software, the virus software will allow criminals to steal users to valuable information on the Android phone. Nicholas said: “the market was more than we are willing to do these things.”

Which is known as rootkit tool, once installed, will enable developers to fully control the user of Android devices. Google had said it activated 160,000 consumers every day Android devices. Nicholas said: “We can do what we want to do, but it does not mean that we will do these things.”

Nicholas in the HTC Google Android platform, based on Legend and Desire attack test carried out on cell phones, Nicholas believes that tools which can also attack other Android phones.

Google and HTC did not immediately comment.

About 10,000 hackers and security experts in the Defcon hacker conference. Participants can pay 140 dollars to participate in the General Assembly, and without giving their names. Conference organizers said was released, such as root kit and other tools, will enable equipment manufacturers bug fixes.

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