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Fri, Dec 14, 2012, by Jackie118

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For those of you who know me well, you’ll appreciate that I am an honest person and yet Google have decided that my AdSense account should be disabled.

For those of you who know me well, you’ll appreciate that I am an honest person … not prone to profanity, racism or any illegal or immoral acts … I’m even relaxed over sexual persuasion and religious beliefs … and yet, for some inexplicable reason, Google have decided that my AdSense account should be disabled.

I received an email from Google earlier in the week stating that my account had been disabled although they wouldn’t give me a reason.  They told me that I could appeal the decision and gave me a link.  Initially I thought this was one of those horrible spoof emails one gets from time to time from one’s bank – asking you to give away details in order to gain access to personal information and ultimately steals your identity.

So, having tried to log into my AdSense account I did in fact find that it had been disabled.   I went through the rigmarole of filling in the necessary form, but being at a loss as to why the account had been disabled in the first place, I had no idea how to respond fully.  I merely stated my case – I hadn’t clicked any Google ads on any of my websites, I hadn’t paid anyone to do so, I had only used AdSense on two or three websites.  As far as I was aware I’d not violated any of their terms and conditions.

They came back to me within hours and said that they still couldn’t reinstate me – still without any reason being given.

I decided it may be worth my while having a second bash at it so resubmitted a further appeal stating that I didn’t know how to respond to them fully as, without some sort of explanation from Google, I couldn’t possibly imagine what I’d done wrong.  I added a comment to the effect that normally in both civil and criminal law, I couldn’t be tried and convicted if there was no evidence presented to me proving a crime had been committed and thereby enabling me to answer for my crime and put the matter straight, but once again I was told that the decision still stood – I was banned from using AdSense and still no solid evidence was put forward.

But not only have I been banned – Google get to keep all the revenue that I’ve amassed over the last year or so.  So they’ve made a tidy profit out of the companies that have advertised on my websites but have also stolen money from me which I’ve rightfully earned up until recently!!

Stupidly I now feel slightly sullied by the whole affair but I have been looking at other companies that will allow me to place ads for revenue on my various websites and thankfully there are one or two out there I’m going to look at.  During my search I came across a site which gave a Top 10 of alternatives to AdSense –

Before that, I came across a site which contained a forum dealing with AdSense alternatives and it was plainly obvious that I was far from alone in my plight of being banished to the wastelands by Google for some inexplicable reason and with no evidence put forward to prove they’d committed some heinous crime!

Eric Schmidt, Chairman of Google

Maybe Google should look to its own back yard before casting aspersions on law abiding people  They’re currently being hauled over the coals here in the UK for evading tax payments.  By all accounts they should have paid £1.2bn of tax to our government.  And what really goes against the grain and sticks in my craw is the recent statement by Eric Schmidt, the Chairman of Google, telling the world he’s “very proud” of the tax avoidance scheme and states “it’s just capitalism”.  It seems though that it’s not just the UK that are looking into the position but other European countries including France, the Netherlands and Italy are now having a “probe” and even further afield,  Australia are looking into the ethics of Google.

It seems tax that should have been paid to these countries has been sneakily tucked safely away in a Bermuda account.  Bearing in mind Google are making billions of pounds out of us all, it seems ludicrous that the Chairman should openly boast that, in effect, he’s denying the rest of the world tax that’s rightly due, particularly during the recession when the majority of people in those countries are struggling to make ends meet.

If Google don’t take a serious look at their ethics going forward, they could find themselves on the end of a sharp and particularly shitty stick and rapidly see their profits going down.  Hopefully it’ll lead to Mr Schmidt’s demise and then perhaps he’ll see what it’s like to live on the bread line while other “capitalists” are failing to pay taxes.  And, Mr Schmidt, if you do find yourself on queer street just watch that you don’t make a little bit of money, are accused of a crime and convicted without any evidence being given, and then having to forfeit what profits you have made legitimately!!!

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  1. Emancipation Says:

    Adsense is a scam…almost everyone who runs it has been banned…and you are spot on about them dodging paying tax. They are as crooked as the governments that take back handers. Google is the Devil. They swan about in their big flash cars paid for by people like us. Yet do they give anything back? No…it is all corrupt, the biggest scam of the century. LOL. Tossers. The lot of em.

  2. manish007 Says:

    Helpful info!
    thanks for sharing.

  3. Lynn Proctor Says:

    Being “punished” for no explained reason can drive one nuts, especially when it costs you some money. It should never be allowed for them to keep money that you have earned. If they want to ban you, that is up to them, but to keep your money too? Should be illegal. That’s like me letting someone park in my driveway, and a few months later suspecting they broke into my house. If I tell them, “You can’t come back on my property, and oh, by the way, I’m keeping your car, too”, what judge would allow me to do that? I could be sued. Getting banned with no reason given must be very lucrative for Google, as they get to keep everyone’s money. Not that they need money. Pretty soon, with their gov’t ties, they will own the U.S. They are a very, very scary entity, with frightening technological capacity. That is why I gave up my GMail account. They would send me ads based on what I wrote to someone in an email. I felt like I was being spied on and stalked. And I was. No one else seems to notice what Google and others are getting away with. Or if they do, they turn their heads. The day will come, and we will find ourselves one toke over the line with them.

  4. Edyta N. Tehrani Says:

    Were you just about to be paid by them? I think they should be sued for this. It’s just plain theft. Those of you who still have Adsense, print your earnings, I will do that when I am about to approach the magic $100.

  5. Robb714 Says:

    I have heard of this happening to others contributors around the web. Never an explanation. Even though I have Adsenseless on my Triond, I know I will never live long enough to hit the elusive $100. It’s about time somebody file a class action suit against them and someone MAKE them pay their taxes. Time to destrot the beast. I am so sorry this happened to you Jackie.

  6. J Pisani Says:

    I went through this exact problem a few years ago with Google. I had a blogspot blog (run by Google), which had earned me a little over $22.00 (Canadian). I was so happy. All of my writing, and sharing photos, recipes and crafting patterns seemed to be paying off. Then one day I got an email saying that my adsense account had been disabled. I went to my blog to find that it was indeed, true. I appealed their decision and just like you, was denied, with no reason given. I also had a youtube account and was offered the chance of having adsense ads on my videos. I signed up and everything was going along just fine, when once again, they disabled my account for no apparent reason. Even on Triond I applied for Adsense and was denied. I have given up on Google and will never even think of applying for Adsense again. One of my sons also had a youtube account, which was getting lots of views, and his account was disabled for no reason either. And of course Google got to keep all the money that my son and I made with our hard work.

  7. vijayanths Says:

    Google has lost its credibility. It has become another scam company on the Internet.

  8. Joe Says:

    What would you expect from a son of Cain, whose god is the
    Talmud and a $ bill ?

  9. trespasser Says:

    Try this revenue program you could earn 300 to 500 $ in one year.

  10. Val Mills Says:

    Oh dear, what a terrible thing to happen. They did pay me $100 once, much to my surprise. I actually think Triond pays more when AdSense is disabled, well they did when I went through a stage of deciding they were a waste of time.

  11. djcarr Says:

    I have never tried AdSense since I did not have time to devote to it and my blog was not popular. Sorry for your experience with Google and thank you for sharing with us.

  12. Cepgap Says:

    I had the same problem, they banned my account and all my money was gone, they reason was so due to violating their policies, then I went through their policies and I’m fully sure I didn’t violate any of their policies

  13. whyswon Says:

    I have had AdSense on my Blogger blogs for 5 years and have made a whopping $13 total and have also heard of many others hardly making anything off those ads too, so I have removed AdSense from all of my blogs because it isn’t worth the space that they take up on my page. If you actually make the $100 that you need to get paid, then you must be doing something illegal…haha…just kidding!

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