Earn Points to Cash in for Prizes by Surfing the Web

Fri, Jan 3, 2014, by abahbob

Search Engines

SwagBucks is a search engine which randomly gives you points to cash in for prizes!

I know it must sound silly, getting rewarded for just searching the web as you normally would and getting rewarded for it, but it’s true! The three simple steps below show you all you need to know. Just click the banner below to get started.


Searching the web using SwagBucks brings up searches from Google and Ask.com for the maximum search capability. Just use SwagBucks as you would any other search engine when needed.


Swag Bucks are randomly awarded by searching the web. Over 1 million Swag Bucks are awarded daily.


Use your Swag Bucks to buy prizes such as gift cards, action figures, video games, and much much more. There are even exclusive items only found at swagbucks.com

Now go out there and start searching!

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