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Sun, Aug 21, 2011, by chuanting

Search Engines

I will tell u how to download a craked version of minecraft, which u can play singleplayer and multiplayer and I will teach u how:)

1. go to google and search “utorrent”, go to the first result and download and install utorrent.(u will also need winrar)

2. now go to and search for minecraft

3. go to the first result and it should be beta and auto update. it and it would just take 2-5 seconds since it is only about 600kb.

extract the file to anywhere that is handy.

5. disconnect from the internet to play singleplayer and if u or ur friends are running multi server ask them to change online-mode to false, or if its ur server do it yourself.

6. now play like a normal person, u dont even need any account just a random username


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