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Sun, Sep 23, 2012, by shelpeare

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Find out about the Triond writer who has the highest Google PageRank on Triond as well as how other top Triond writers fared.

Triond writers who are into Google PageRank know that Triond has a Google PageRank of 5 as well as its site Socyberty. The highest Triond page urls made by Triond itself after that are 4 and under as far as I have seen. In the past I have given reports of Triond writers who have a Google PageRank of 3 and 4 but today was the first time that I saw one with 5! Who is it? Is it Ulsterman? Is it Mnofdichotomy? Is it Ruby Hawk or Mr. Ghaz? Is it one of the veterans like Nelson Doyle?

Remember that the greater the number is out of ten the greater the PageRank. Here are the latest details:

PR 5


MJRapp’s Triond profile is the highest rated by Google. MJRapp joined Triond on November 6th, 2011. Ironically the Triond writer’s account seems to be deleted as going to MJRapp’s profile page redirects you to your own profile page. However at least one of that writer’s articles can still be seen at I do not know how long it will remain there as other articles lead to “Page cannot be found” messages. I could only access the above article via the tag .

If you merely want to see what were the writer’s other titles see:

However, as I mentioned before many or most of the articles that the links point to are no longer there. You can still see the writer’s comments on other people’s articles.

The following is a partial list of other Triond writers’ and how their Triond profile fared in Google:

PR 3

Ulsterman, Mr. Ghaz, Ermetes Adolfo Jr, Jeffrey Torres, Ruby Hawk, Jo Oliver, Mark Gordon Brown, Spencer Hawken, Jo Oliver, jharmon, desertsister, David C. Wyld Southeastern Louisiana University.

PR 2

Norbert Soloria Bermosa, marqjonz, Lucas Die, Alistair Briggs, Joie Schmidt, Lauren Axelrod, Silent Writer, Kristie Leong, avissado, Ebey Soman, Chipmunk, Karen Gross, Patrick Bernauw, AndAnotherThing, Uma Shankari, Eliza Worner, Judy Sheldon, Emily Rogers, Silent Writer, Melissa Dawn Ayers, Paul Corvus, Lindsay Dean.

PR 1

Mnofdichotomy (cybertuth got N/A), Jimmy Shilaho, Anuradha Ramkumar, Inna Tysoe, scheng1, Francois Hagnere, Edyta N. Tehrani.

Not Available

Out of the one hundred Triond writers on the Hot Users’ List only thirty got a Google PR of 1 or more. One got a 1 and the other sixty-nine writers got “N/A” or “Not Available.”


While compiling this data I perused all one hundred profile urls of the Triond writers on the Triond Hot Users Content as well as most of the Hot Content List regulars and many of those who made the past Google PageRank reports that I have put together in the past. In a work of this nature I could not and did not attempt to put the data of every single writer on Triond who could be here especially as there are more people on Triond than most people believe but that is another article.

Google PageRanks go up and down. If you would like to see how many of these writers fared in the past see my two past articles on this:

20 Triond Writers Whose Profiles Have a Google Pagerank of Three or FourJuly 2011

Triond Writers with The Highest Google PageranksJanuary 2012

For a fun, wordplay quiz on some of Triond’s top writers on the Triond Hot Content List see the following article:

Take The Trionder’s Triond Quiz on Seven Top Content Writers

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  1. Farzeela Fee Faisal Says:

    That’s really good… at least some of us made it!

  2. stevetheblogger Says:

    Very Interesting
    Best Wishes

  3. hast Says:

    Make me wanna write more and more
    Thanks for the article

  4. razor7 Says:

    how about my pagerank lol? I’m sure it still N/A

  5. Edyta N. Tehrani Says:

    Very interesting. I wonder how Google decides what rank to give to certain writer. Is there any specicific bench marks that decide?

  6. Tiki33 Says:

    Interesting indeed. I’m proud of those writer’s that made the ranking. You really put in the effort for your research. Thanks for sharing.

  7. Jeremiah777 Says:

    Still I am trying to understand these things. Thank you very much for the info..

  8. shelpeare Says:

    Thanks for the comments Trionders. @ Edyta, I added your name. I just realized that you got a PR of 1.

  9. PaulB Says:

    Great piece of research. Encouraging to know Google sees some of us.

  10. Karen Gross Says:

    How do you find your page rank?

  11. shelpeare Says:

    There are a couple of different ways. There are websites that give you the Pagerank of a url but those are not as trustworthy and you can only get info one url at a time. What I did instead is download SeoQuake plugin for Google Chrome and then right click on any webpage and a drop-down box from SeoQuake will open up. Next click on “Compare urls” near the top and add a host of urls and it will give you the urls’ Google PagerRank, Alexa rank and a lot of other info. If the info comes out as a question mark click the “?” and you will see the info.

  12. ireca3 Says:

    Great information, although, I am inquiring like a few others how do you find your page rank?

  13. Martin Kloess Says:

    Good work thank you for sharing.

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