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Fri, Feb 10, 2012, by mphsglo

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Cash in with Bing Rewards Credits. Using Bing as your primary search engine can really pay off.

Yesterday I logged into my Bing Rewards account just to see if maybe I had accumulated enough credits to get one gift card, at least.  Well, to my amazement, I had over 1600 credits which is the equivalent of 1600; enough to get 3 – $5 gift cards or redeem for other offers Bing has.  I, seriously, had forgotten about this account, but, I use it everyday.  

The Bing Rewards credits can, not only be redeemed for gift cards, but, sweepstakes entries, XBox Live memberships, or free movie rentals.  If you prefer, you can opt to donate the Bing Rewards credits to charitable organizations, such as the “Boys and Girls Club of America.”  

So, how it works is you create an account with Bing Rewards.  Follow the set up instructions, which must be mighty easy, since I did it.  Now, do like the commercial says, turn it on and walk away, or compute away.  As you use your browser for searching the net, your Bing Reward credits will add up.  It’s pretty effortless.  There are other ways to gain extra credits, but, I haven’t been doing them.  Mainly, because I had forgotten that I had signed up.  I just happened to remember yesterday.  Now, I have $15 worth of credits to redeem.

Check it out. 

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  1. avissado Says:

    thanks for the information. gotta go click on the like button too. cheers

  2. Snrm007 Says:

    I love this service. I get Microsoft points from it!

  3. phillies Says:

    Is this a paid to search sort of thing?

  4. mphsglo Says:

    Yes. In my case, Bing is my primary search engine and my home page. Whenever I search anything, I earn credits.

  5. Dreamy777 Says:

    I see they are closing Club bing is this staying open?

  6. CA Johnson Says:

    I use Bing, and I did see something about getting rewards there. I was not sure what rewards you could get though. I am going to have to sign up for the rewards. I would like to get more Amazon cards.

  7. Eiddwen Says:

    So very interesing,useful and thanks for sharing.

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