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Quite recently I was asked by a friend to use “” as he said it was the king of all search engines. Not being a search engine wizard just a lowly freelance writer I decided to take a look and find out a bit more.

The first thing that struck me was that Bing was previously called “Live Search” which included Windows Live search, and MSN Search and was promoted as a “decision engine” (whatever that is) from Microsoft. Microsoft looking for new ways of expansion launched Bing, on the 28th May, 2009 by its then CEO Steve Ballmer and went live on the 3rd June 2009.

It was not long that other companies decided to attach themselves to Bing and on the 29th June, 2009 both Microsoft and Yahoo announced that Bing would power the Yahoo Search Engines. This promted the offering of a sidebar, a social feature,  that would alow users to search for just the  relevant information they were searching for, depending on their Social Networking preferences. 


So what is the difference between the old MSN Microsoft search engine and the new Bing was the question I asked? Apparently the old Microsoft Search Engine and Web Crawler only used information sent to it by companies like Inktomi and AltaVista (are you any clearer yet because I am not). Then on the 8th March 2006 came what was to be called the crowning achievement, the launch of Windows Live Search, the Mother of Bing, this very quickly was to replace the old MSN Search and use a system that used search tabs, that included Web, news, images, music, desktop, local, and Microsoft Encarta (getting clearer if it is explain it to me).

The original Live Search

Bottom line I think that the only reason they changed their methods and Search Engine principles is that before the launch of Bing, the market share of Microsoft web search pages of both MSN and Live Search had been very small. After the launch of Bing however their market share increased by 12.7% at the cost of both Yahoo and Google, and with their new proposal to integrate with Facebook it is likely to improve even further.

MSN Sarch Page in 2006

So I understand know, it is just a relaunch of different products and packages to entice new users over to the old MSN and Live search, under a different name. If I am wrong please let me know before I take my Friends advice and switch to


Live Search Homepage

Credits Wikipedia for pictures and dates.  

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  1. Rose that grew from concrete Says:

    Thats good news then, i think….. great post Steve thanks

  2. Uma Shankari Says:

    Bing or Google or Yahoo…so long as it presents the info you seek, it’s ok. But as a writer if you want your info to be read, then you might want to submit your URLs to all these sites, if people are going to shift over to Bing after reading your article!

  3. streakanime Says:

    Lol, I hate Bing personally. Nice article though.

  4. Molly Girl 822 Says:

    So dependent on Google. I need to branch out!

  5. Robin L Says:

    I’m not sure if I’m any wiser or not, Steve….My roommate uses bing but he’s not very computer savvy, so I think for the time being I will stick with google….Good article, though:)

  6. Martin Kloess Says:

    Thank you for this.

  7. shelpeare Says:

    Thanks for the info.

  8. manish007 Says:

    Good share, thanks for the information.

  9. gaby7 Says:

    It is good search engine if you asked me! I juggle both google and Bing!

  10. Trey Allen Says:

    Good news, Steve ….. i still choose google

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