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Fri, Sep 5, 2008, by Planting Shepherd

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Here are 14 top video search engines.


This is a Web-based video search engine, which allows you to search video from other video sites, including the famous video sites, entertainment, news, television, radio, music videos and so on. You can also set up search time limits, such as today, the last week, last month, the last two days, and so all. Search results are also very simple and display relevant video titles, release dates, and other sources.


This is a known as the world’s largest video search engine, as it crawled over 100 well-known video sites. You can enter a keyword search or use the Advanced Search. At the same time, you can further Filter the search results here, filtering options, including video classification, video providers, related videos, popular videos, if containing adult contents, and so on.


This is also an online video search site, including real-time search of Youtube.com, Dailymotion.com, Metacafe.com and Dalealplay.com, most of the videos on the video sharing sites, which is also shown in accordance with relevant degrees in search results.


This is also a provision of video search site. At any time, in their homepage, they allow users to search “over XXX hours of video”, and, of course, I do not think this is what they deserve out of the show. But video preview in their homepage is rather special. You can filter news, entertainment, sports and other classification in the homepage.


This is a video search engine, based on Youtube, that allows you to enter a keyword and then display in chronological order, the visual graphics that match the keywords of the Youtube videos. Click on each video button, you can enjoy the watch in the pop-up window. The pop-up window also like a player, can quickly access a video and another.


This is another good video search engine, which provides nearly 200 million video from their search. And you can change your favorite language in the homepage.


This is a new video search engine, which has just upgraded to version 2.0, adding the new Desktop version, with more than 2,000 video sources, including local TV, and Wall Street Journal, MSN Video, Yahoo News, Fox Sports, and so on. It supports mobile devices, and the search results can be subscribed to RSS, stored and shared with your friends. And you can also submit your own RSS video feed.


This is a community centered video search engine, originated to allow users to learn more fantastic world of the website from videos. Until January 2008, the site already has 90,000 video guides, and they said, they would continue to develop, and to provide users the most advanced resources.

Yahoo video search

This is one of the most famous search engines which provide you the best short video on the internet, and is able to search Microsoft Windows Media, Apple QuickTime, RealNetwork Real Media and other formats of video files.


This is a smartly designed video search site that provides videos from all sorts of sources, from YouTube to broadcasting companies. It is a powerful video search engine subsidiary of AOL, and is stepping out on its own now after spending three years under AOL.


This is a very interesting search engine. Some of its small characteristics will make you feel comfortable. For example, users can customize the interface Exalead homepage, add some of your frequently visited site (shortcuts), and Exalead will automatically generate the site’s preview. So when you search on Exalead, you can easily access these sites. If you registered Exalead account, it will help you save these customized informations. Another feature of Exalead is its support on pronouncing the search keywords.So when you do not know how to spell a word, what you need to do is just entering the pronunciation of the word, and then it will help you find you’re the pronunciation related results.


This is a flexible and personalized multimedia search engine, where you can bookmark multimedia contents from video and image search engines or any type of searches, including news, sports, celebrities, music, films, and tourism.

PureVideo and VidSea

These are two new video search engines under beta testing. If you are interested, have a look and enjoy them.

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