What is Neopoint’s in Neobux?

Sat, Apr 2, 2011, by Pufixas

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More about them.

Not very long ago neobux introduced the neopoints.  NeoPoints will be every user’s bonus purchase balance to help them increase their profits without spending any money of their own. The way NeoPoints work couldn’t be any simpler: You’ll receive NeoPoints for many tasks that you do nowadays for free (clicking on ads ect.). They won’t be free anymore as you’ll be rewarded.

Currently they start offering one NeoPoint for each advertisement seen regardless of the exposure type. In the near future, they will be introducing other tasks that will earn you NeoPoints. Don’t worry as these tasks won’t be nothing new (unless some new feature also offers you NeoPoints) but something you do every day.

You’ll be able to convert your NeoPoints to purchase any of our services without paying anything extra. For example, if you have 1000 NeoPoints you can add $1 to your Rental Balance for free (conversion rate still to be decided, this is just an example). You’ll soon have the chance to redeem your points in exchange for any service but until that’s ready you can start collecting them by viewing advertisements.

Stay tuned for more on NeoPoints because you’ll be able to increase your earnings exponentially just by doing what you already do.

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