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Thu, Jun 10, 2010, by Jojo Skeene

Money Making

Easy ways money making websites are continually growing in the world wide web. However, you have to be aware that there are many scam bug in the webs that will make you cry once you will bite with their scheme.

There are bunch of websites which promise you thousand bucks per week, which, I would warn you not to believe  it. A genuine and sincere money making sites will ensure each member to believed that they will start in a scratch or begin at the zero balance. If you are hardworking, know how to promote your articles and very clever on how to entertain your readers, then- it’s not a problem for you to earn money through your articles. Do not believe in the slogan that says, become a member now and I guarantee that you will visit Paris or anywhere you wanted to go in a month. You are not going to be fooled by that, do you?

Which websites to believe and how to know they are not scam? Test it yourself. But, a piece of advice, if the websites will ask your credit card number or you have to pay via paypal, you are smart enough to know the difference.

1. Make a Blog.  

      There are many blogging tools that will help you gain money online. Blogger and wordpress are the top list of the blogging sites. Try to integrate your blogger account with google adsense and goolgle analytics, it will help you earn extra income in the internet while you’re working with your day job. Note that google ad sense is sponsored by google, you have to make account through google. You can also integrate through your blogger account, is also one way to earn money.

2. Join the genuine writing sites.

      There are many writing sites that will not only boost your motivation to write but also give you every penny you earn from your article.

Helium. This is a legitimate site that will help you earn easy money through your articles. Once you write about the certain topic and publish it right away, it stays there for a longer time that is available for the readers and users to read and rate. Your income boost will depend on the quality of your work,  the amount of articles you are writing and get published.


It will pay you monthly, depending on your income gained in a month. You don’t have to wait for a certain amount set by the site in order to get paid. They will send you the amount automatically via paypal on how much you earn in a month.


A friendly way to make money is through Bukisa. Like other writing sites, Bukisa is also one way to boost your potential through writing. If you are good in writing in a certain topic, be sure to write it  well in order to get readers and build your audience. I noticed that Travel, Entertainment, movies and music are the fast topic to gain readers at Bukisa.


There are many writers who joined RedGage because it is one way to build their audiences. It is also a means to post links, videos and pictures. Normally, writers will usually post their track back links from other sites in order to get read. The best way to earn from this site is that your articles or pictures must be featured in the featured page in order to earn more.

3. Join and Register by Clicking Ads.

     If you are a writer and run out of ideas on what to write or if you are lazy enough to write, try to click advertisement or join a survey for a matter of time. It is one way to earn money online than sitting on your couch watching shows.

Neobux. It is a free worldwide service that will help your earn money just to click an advertisement. This is one way method for advertisers to reach customers and the users will click the ads to earn extra money. There are many pay to click ads sites in the interwebs, but make it sure that those sites are genuine and sincere. I’ve been earning money at this site since I joined.


You can earn easy money in this site through referrals. Though you can earn slow money through clicking the ads, it is better to promote your referral links in order to earn more. The minimum payment should be reach at least $3.00, you can redeem your balance through paypal.

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    Good article. Triond is still my favorite site to write for and I am making money with them but it took time.

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    Good article

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    There is no easy way to earn money online. You need to put in effort to earn money online.

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