Ultimate Way to Make Paypal Money or Win Free Stuff with No Credit Card Completely Free

Wed, Jan 11, 2012, by piker50

Money Making

In this article I’ll show you my way to make money to paypal and/or win free stuff like PS3, iPhones, iPads, and more. You will have to register in some websites to make this happen but it’s worth it. Read on.

Ok, before we star I have to say that this is going to take time, but it is worth it. There are no instant ways to make money!

So, first, obviously, you have to register on paypal. PayPal is like a digital bank where you can securely store all your payment options, such as your bank account and credit card.

Now, in this article I’ll show you ways that don’t require a credit, debit card or bank account number. After clicking on “sign up” choose “paypal for you” and insert your information. When asked to insert card number, press skip or next. Click on the banner to register.

The next site you should register on is refget. This is one of the best sites that earns you referrals for any of your sites. For more information, check this article.

If you didn’t read the article above, you have to gather credits so people register on your sites. There are 2 main ways to gather credits:

  • Click on adds (like a PTC). You should do this every day. It’s not much but I reccomend that you click on all adds each day.
  • Join websites being other people’s referrals.
  • There are other 2 ways that you can see after registering.

The next step is to register on a bunch of websites, all from the same creator. These are sites that give you prizes like PS3, xBox, PSP Go! and more, only in exchange for referrals. For more information, check this article and this video.

I will give you the list of all the eight websites. You don’t have to register in all of them. You can choose one or a few based on what item you may want. Also, if what you want is money to your paypal account, you should know that only 3 referrals equals 78.35 USD($). Here is the list (You can see what they offer before registering by enterring in the home page):

After registering in all of them, you will have to complete ONE free offer to be able to order prizes for life. You will need referrals. Enter the getref website again and earn credits until you have enough. Read the article above for help.

When you have a lot of credits, click on “spend” in getref and then “Buy referrals for my program” or something like that. Choose your sites from kudos (one at a time) and follow the instructions.

(OPTIONAL) –> From this point forward it’s optional so, you don’t have to read but it’s reccomended.

This is an optional way to make money. It may be faster but you get alot less money. You can use it to promote your referral links from the above sites.

The site is Triond! Triond is a website where you can write articles and post them on a number of other websites. For each visit you get on your article you get some money. They pay you on the 10th of every month to paypal automatically, only if you have at least 0.50$ on your account. For more information, check this, this and this articles.

Another site is CaptchaTrader. In this site your job is to insert captchas and you get money for it. If you on’t know what captcha is, check this article.

Now, here is a list of offers websites (For more information, check this article):

And that’s it.


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