Top 10 Sites for Free Paypal Money, Amazon Gift Cards, or Anything You Want Free

Wed, Jan 5, 2011, by MojoTheAwesome

Money Making

Here are my top 10 sites that will allow you to get anything you want online, or in the mortal world without spending a single penny.

If you’d like to start making money and gift cards right now, scroll down to the list and click away.

Around Christmas last year, I realized that I didn’t have any money to buy presents to give my family and friends. So after some massive googling I found a couple hundred sites that promised to give cash and prizes. After some further research into the sites I then narrowed those down to 10 so that you don’t have to bother to search for them like I had to. All these sites are GPT (Get Paid To) sites that allow people like you and me to do simple offers/tasks that pay in cash and prizes. (no joke)

All included sites on this list offer many ways to cash out including: paypal, gift cards, and even custom orders. But I choose these sites because: 1. They’re 100% free to join. I don’t understand how i could make money if I have to pay first? 2. Who wouldn’t want free cash and gift cards? 3. I’ve received at least one item from each of them so I you can trust that they are legit.

Some of you may be wondering how or why these sites are willing to pay you to do simple tasks a 5 year old could do. Let me tell you. 1. They haven’t mastered hypnoses to control 5 year olds to do this work. And 2. These sites make tons of money with hundreds and thousands of members like us to do tasks that advertisers pay them for us to do. The site then keeps a small portion and you get rewarded. These tasks can include: Searching the web, watching videos, playing games (with ads), browsing the web, and much much more.

Others of you are probably wondering, “Why are you spending your valuable time telling us how we can make $ online?” You see, each of these links below for you to visit the sites are my referral link. What that means is that when you sign up under that link, i receive a reward from that site for referring you. It’s a win-win-win. You get prizes-the site earns money from advertisers-and i get a bonus for referring you.

The top 10 sites to get you anything your heart desires

1. First on the list is a new site called Center of Prizes.  This site has got to be the most generous site I’ve seen yet.  They basically give you free points and cash just for logging in.  You even get $.50 upon sign up, $.25 for completing your first offer, and the min. Cash out is only $2!!!  The admins and members on the site are some of the nicest and welcoming people I know too.  Defiantly make sure to check them out here: 

2. Second on the list is Rewards1.  This site adds tons of offers constantly, giving you more money.  I probably spent about a week on this and got $25 easily.  Why?  Cause most of the offers just asked for a e-mail submit. Check them out by clicking this link:

3. 3rd is Swagbucks, this site is thee best site for all the starters for making money with GPT sites because its so darn easy, and there are a ton of different ways to make money.  You could search the web, watch videos, play games, use coupons, surveys, trade in old books or games.  Anything really. link:

4. Numeral 4 is a site just like rewards1 or center of prizes, the great thing about this site is it actually allows to redeem your points for products directly from Amazon.  Thanks to this site, I was able to give my parents some great gifts :) link:

5. Half way down the list we have a slightly different site that actually pays you to download apps directly from your Iphone, Ipod Touch, and yes the Ipad.  All you do create an account (from your idevice), start downloading free apps and you get paid instantly through paypal!  Remember to use this link on your idevice:

6. 6th is a very nice clean GTP site and earning and cashing out is easy as 1-2-4. link:

7. This place goes to a get paid to site called GetPaidTo.  This site has no min. payout so its pretty awesome.  The only reason this is lower is because the offers list isn’t updated that often making it harder to make money. link:

8. Here’s another site to get paid for downloading apps.  I don’t like this one as much just because it requires you to download it on your computer then transfer it onto your idevice. link:

9. VIIII is Prizerebel which is pretty commonly used but I never really got into it because their offers have such a low crediting rate. link:

10. Last but NOT the least is Listia, this is only last because I wanted to mention it in my list but since it’s completely different from the other sites, and I didn’t to have to choose a last place since all these sites are great so I decided to add this site as number 10.  Listia is basically Ebay, just without the money part.  On listia you bid on other members auctions with “credits” which is the sites currency.  You automatically get 400 credits which is more than enough to get you a decent item.  You get more by listing some of your junk that u don’t want that another might. Check them out here:

Well, hope you enjoyed my article.  This was my first one evah so please leave feedback.  Feel free to post a comment below of what you thought of it, your favorite sites (without spamming), or even just to say hi :)  

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  1. J0hny Says:

    Dude, thanks so much!
    Free money FTW

  2. Ridge Says:

    I’ll support you by using your referral links :P

  3. Ridge Says:

    l support you by using your referral links :P

  4. MojoTheAwesome Says:

    Thanks!! :D

    If you sign up under me on Center of Prizes (#1) and PM me (MojoTheAwesome) I’ll give you my 250+ list of offers I’ve completed. And tutorials. (i make exclusive videos).
    But remember, u must sign up under me and be my referral :)

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