The Google Adsense Scam, and How Get Rid of Your Google Adsense Ads

Fri, Jan 1, 2010, by Valerie Curtiss

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If you think that Google AdSense is a scam and you have earned nothing from Google AdSense Ads, here is how to get rid of them from your content.


Happy New Year

            If you too have noticed that your Google Adsense ads have diminished your Triond earnings, and have also noted that you are earning a big nothing, zilch, zero from the highly touted Google Adsense ads, you should also be aware, you must have a ton of articles on Triond to begin with, and it can take two years or more to even get to the $100.00 before Google will pay you.  Then if you stop publishing articles on Triond, for some reason, such as illness or other circumstances, even if you have some earnings, they never have to pay you!

             If the 00.00 Google Adsense earnings that I have earned for the last month, is any indication, then it could possibly take forever.  I shall probably be dead before I even earn $1.00, never mind $100.00. 

            This seems like a big scam to me.  If I am wrong, please tell me.  But all is not lost, you can opt out.   I did, and here’s how to do it.

1.     On your Dashboard, Click on the “Manage Your Google Adsense Integration” which you will find listed in Green under the title “Quick Actions.” 

2.    Scroll down the page and at the bottom you will see a box that states “Stop Showing Google Adsense Ads with my Content” 

3.    Click on this box and submit.  

That’s all there is too it.  I would advise to come back and check, and it should now state “Resume Showing Google Adsense Ads with my Content.” 

            So, I did it, and now we will wait, check next month’s Triond earnings and see how this affects my earnings with Triond.  If I can get rid of ads on my page that earn me nothing, that would be worth getting rid of Google Adsense, and you can so easily add it back if you so desire. 

            Happy New Year to all of my Triond friends and Treetops and Tidepools fans.

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  1. Francois Hagnere Says:

    I totally agree Valerie, you are absolutely right. I confirm this is peanuts. It can take two centuries to make a single dollar!
    Well done my friend, and Happy New Year.

  2. Christine Ramsay Says:

    I agree with you, Valerie. I have not seen any adsense ads since they allowed me to join but my income has nearly halved over the last two months. I don’t know what is going on. Thanks for the information.


  3. upeshdaa Says:

    good performance.

  4. upeshdaa Says:

    Good one, interesting.

  5. Frances Lawrence Says:

    I read this article with interest, I didn’t add google adsense to my triond articles because I had tried it on my blog previously and been disappointed. I agree with you, we are better off without adsense.

  6. cutedrishti8 Says:

    I have to again go back to normal one..

  7. Guy Hogan Says:

    I never did add Adsense; I like getting something every month no matter how much it is.

  8. AlmaG Says:

    That’s strange. have google adsense integrated and is earning a few cents from it but my earnings this month went higher than last month.

  9. Linvio Says:

    now, I am a bit anxious if I have an adsense scam in my posts… thanks… gotta have to check out mine…

  10. albert1jemi Says:

    great inormation. but im seeing a few cents earning in my adsense acount

  11. Joe Dorish Says:

    Had google ads but removed them because it would have taken me the better part of 3 months to reach payout so why bother?

  12. petercurtis97 Says:

    Very good Valerie I ha 4 cents which has now vanished to 0.00.
    I did some checking of other users of ads and they stated google adsense was minimal compared to chokita which may run along side google ads but are different as they are bordered

  13. Emerald13 Says:

    excellent article and so timely … i havent been with triond or google adsense for long but the cents adding up in triond vs the nada in google makes sense of your article !

    i was just looking and thinking about the differences when i noticed your article … thank you >>> Gina

  14. pablina Says:

    Thanks for this, will follow it now and take off my adsense.

    Happy New Year :)

  15. Ashley89 Says:

    terrific article and very important to know thanks for the share!

  16. lillyrose Says:

    I was looking for away to get rid of adsence! I have earn’t nothing and my triond earnings have gone down also since I added adsence. Hopefully they will start to climb again. Happy New Year xxx

  17. Anuradha Ramkumar Says:

    Gr8 post. I was not too sure of Google AdSense coz I’ve not signed up for it yet.

  18. William J Felchner Says:

    As I said before, you better have a ton of content before you sign up for Adsense. I’m passing on the Googleites for now. I have 146 articles on Triond, which I feel is not enough to give it a go.

  19. coolbryan Says:

    thanks for the post… i am new to this triond site. thanks for this info

  20. mo hoyal Says:

    I heard that google adsense didn’t do anything or pay until you get your first payment from triond. So far it hasn’t affected my earnings but I’m keeping a vigilant watch on it, actually my triond earnings have gone up, but thanks for the way to undo this should I need to.
    Yer pal, get well, you know Portuguese girl, you have to make your trip my darling!

  21. Valerie Curtiss Says:

    Thanks for all who read the article, and yes, I am getting well, will soon fly away to Portuguese heaven. It will be the trip of a lifetime! Even bigger than coming over here in the 60s from the UK.

  22. RS Wing Says:

    I’ve heard the same. I signed on because it was pitched so well by triond, but I have serious doubts on an increase of revenue. You’re right, you have to probably write 24/7 and hope you don’t keel over from sleep deprivation. Great read.

  23. A. Giovanni Says:

    Actually, I have been doing much better with the Google Adsense Ads. Triond pays me little. I’m having a problem with them right now because they don’t seem to be showing all of my hits from social networking sites like Twitter – or ANY of them. So, most of my revenues are coming from Google.

    Only big problem I can see is that Triond is not very communicative if there is a technical problems. For example, the ongoing problem of Google not showing up on the dashboard like it is supposed to.

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