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Mon, Aug 2, 2010, by Diverseblogger

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Here are a list of the best Pay per Impression Websites. I hope that you find this post useful and thank you for reading.

Hello Spare Change Lovers,

I recently did an article on ‘The Best Pay per click Websites’ and this is pretty much a sequence to the previous article that I wrote so if you are looking for ways to earn some extra spare change online, This article is intended for you.

 Pay per Impression websites wants you to host ads on your blog or website and you are paid for doing so. Pay per Impression websites work a little different then Pay per Click websites. With Pay per Impression websites, you are paid a set amount for the amount of people that click on the ad. Some websites pay $5 per 1000 clicks and some pay $10 per 1000 clicks so it does vary.

The Best Pay per Impression Websites:

Here are some Pay per Impression websites that’s worth looking into…

AdGenta is a very simple and basic way for you to earn revenue from your website or blog. AdGenta also lets you embed ads anywhere you can place a picture! You can now place them in your blog posts, on your website, and in your RSS feed.

Crisp Ads

If you get listed in their blog catalog, they will reveal you to the big clients therefore; more Spare Change is coming your way! You Earn 70% rev share per click displaying keyword targeted text ads. You also are able to choose from more than 6,000 advertisers.                                          PLUS small blogs can realize earnings faster than other ad networks and the sites minimum payout is only $5!

Tribal Fusion

Tribal Fusion represents only the highest quality websites, so they can secure high CPM rates for your valuable ad inventory. They sell your site inventory at increasingly higher CPMs based on the level of targeting: Run-of-Network (untargeted), channel specific (targeted), and site specific (highly targeted).

Value Click Media

With Value Click Media, You earn revenue through their ad network platform by running ads from hundreds of quality advertisers on your web site. You receive some of the highest CPM rates and a wide variety of standard banners, pop under banners, and intriguing ads.

Vibrant Media

With Vibrant Media, the Vibrant In-Text Advertising campaigns will increase your advertising revenue without adding excessive clutter, allowing you to expand your advertising. Also Vibrant In-Text Advertising is a 100% user-driven advertising experience. It’s also one of my favorite sites.

This is the best Pay per Impression sites out there and I hope that you find this information useful. Thank you.

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  1. Richie Montalbo Says:

    Wait, you mean to say that Pay Per Impression means website pays you for clicks on their ads?

    I’ve always thought that they pay your per impressions on the ads, that is, per pageviews to your site and not to them.

  2. Diverseblogger Says:

    Pay per impression is similar to PTC websites… If you would like further information on Pay per Impression, visit my blog @ :)

  3. virgoboy Says:

    they have rates per 1000 impression I think like $.50 for 1000 impressions. I try to put pay per impression in my whatever blog

  4. Damien C Says:


    These sites are great, but I believe my site will become very popular due to the either buy now CPM minium is 0.30 per 1000 or place bids to the advertiser, the publisher will be able to move up 0.10 on each bid,no target each month, and we pay twice a month, up to date, so the user don’t have to wait for a month to get last months sales, texts, 140 and 300 words, video files.

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