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Mon, Mar 28, 2011, by zandroCABARAL

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PTC, or the so-called Paid-to-Click is the hottest online money making method now a days and because of this, there are also scam sites posting as PTC’s but do not pay. This article is based on the facts and testimonies from the highest earning PTC users…….

                                          Paid-to-Click sites are websites that pay people to view and refer their ads. The process of earning maybe slow because the sites only  pay cents per ad click but earning cents by just clicking an ad and viewing it for at least 10 sec is fair enough. PTC’s are for people who want to earn extra income in their extra time. An average PTC user with 3-4 PTC sites visited everyday could earn a minimum of 20$-40$ per week.

                                          Now a days, because of the popularity of PTC’s, Scam sites posting as PTC sites also made their way through the trend. These sites waste your time and they don’t pay. An example of this site is the most famous online sacm site for all time, READBUD.COM. The site is proven to be a scam and a waste of time. DO NOT EVEN BOTHER TO VISIT READBUD.COM.

                                          On the other side of my story, there are at least 4 PTC sites proven to be guaranteed real sites and they pay…… on time and  accurately without hassles and alley-by’s.

                                            First in the list is the CLIXSENSE. The site has stand up to it’s reputation as a real-paying PTC site. If you try reading reviews and blogs about PTC’s, positive reviews about Clixsense are numerous. To visit this site and sign up for free and start earning, click ther ad below.

                                            The next famous p[aying PTC site is the Again, all you need to do is to sit and click on ads and money guaranteed. Try visiting the site and start your PTC earning experience. CLICK AD BELOW:

                                            The next sure earning site is the It is also a PTC site where you are paid to click ads and paid to sign up for some other PTC sites. Can’t really explain well about the “paid to sign-up” thing, so just visit the site yourself to know more:

So, discover and try PAID-to-Click now and double your income. Who knows? Your earnings could pay your bills!!!

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  1. Timons @ PerfectlyGoodMoney Says:

    It is true that neobux and mindbux are a legit PTC websites but neobux this time have lowered its value to 1 cent to .00001 which means it is already hard to earn in neobux…

    if you want to check for more ELITE and LEGIT websites then try this site:

    or just click my name

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