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Fri, Jan 7, 2011, by lNVISIBLE

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Hello everyone,

The number 1 best way to earn a lot is to spread around your referral address and invite friends and family members to help you out! Remember the earnings are 1:1 for everyone swag buck they earn you earn one swag buck as well! Now just imagine that you have 20 friends that earn you approximately 10 swag bucks each.

20 x 10 = 200 swag bucks and in addition to your own swag bucks that you get everyday.

so 200 + 10 = 210. Now you get approximately 210 a day now imagine a week!

210 x 7 = 1470 swag bucks a week! Imagine all the prizes you can get just within a month!

If you’re worrying your friends not joining or family not joining it’s alright! Just get help from the fellow internet community. Everyone wants free stuff, I’m sure they would be glad to help you out. If you’re wondering how you can refer people you completely don’t know at all. CHECK OUT THIS LINK A GUIDE FOR REFERRALS

Second you need to subscribe to their Facebook and Twitter account for immediate updates for SWAG CODES! Swag codes can range from 5 swag bucks to 20 swag bucks, it is some easy bucks to earn! If you’re fretting that you won’t be able to find these codes it’s simple! Just do a little Google and I’m sure you will find many sites that will reveal codes for you. REMEMBER THIS IS ILLEGAL AND AGAINST THE RULES, DO IT AT YOUR OWN RISK.

Third, you should know by now that after winning swag bucks for a search you won’t win again for a few hours. Set your homepage as the Swag bucks search engine so you would remember to use swag bucks to search instead of Google. Their search engine is completely reliable except they have sponsored links in the first section of the results because they need these sponsors in order to give you your free stuff so don’t complain!

Try to search every 1 – 2 hours this will maximize you winning and also get more than 10 bucks a day!

Fourth, put videos on YouTube or post articles on Triond whenever you redeem and receive an item. This will help convince people that the site is reliable and legit! Posting on Triond will help you earn money as well for every person who reads your article, you will earn money for it! 

It’s a win, win situation why not sign up for Triond and start posting now!

Lastly, watch videos and participate in polls! These will help you earn money too! If you want extra help you can install the Swag Bucks tool bar and you will get more code updates or search on the go!


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