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Sat, Aug 14, 2010, by vb545323

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Are you struggling to earn Swag Bucks? Do you have a wish for something more expensive on the site? Well then learn how can I sit back and just watch all the Swag Bucks just pile up in front of me!

Swag Bucks, if you did not know, is a site that can help you earn the credits to purchase amazing gifts. It works by you use their search engine. As you use the search engine they will reward you with Swag Bucks points. Those points can be saved up to purchase things like iTunes, Target, Walmart, Starbucks, Amazon (and more) gift cards. For an example, you usually get around 10 to 15 Swag Bucks for doing a search sometimes, and a $5 Amazon gift card is 450 Swag Bucks. This means that you are going to have to do about 45 valid searches to earn $5 for Amazon. But if you think about it, that isn’t very much. Especially if you consider how many searches do you do with Google in a day. I’m sure it’s quite a few.

So now that we know what Swag Bucks is, let’s learn how we can earn the most with it. In the next few paragraphs I will teach you what has helped me earn hundreds of dollars from using SwagBucks.com

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Setting Defaults

When I say setting defaults I am talking about setting Swag Bucks to your default search engine as well as your home page. Setting Swag Bucks to your homepage is a great thing to do. With this, whenever you open your browser you will be able to make a quick search to see if you have earned a few extra Swag Bucks. Also if you use a browser that has a search box in the top corner, you can go to the Swag Bucks site and install a search controller onto your browser which will allow you to do Swag Buck searches right from your browser.

Answer Surveys, Questions, and Polls.

This only earns you a few Swag Bucks a day but every little bit will help. Swag Bucks now has surveys that you can take that can earn you up to a couple hundred points. They also have daily polls that can earn you a few Swag Bucks every day. In addition to those they have offers that you can complete to earn an additional couple of a hundred Swag Bucks.

Referrer People

This is by far the best method in the world for earning the most Swag Bucks. With this method I earn about $20 for Amazon in one day. To Do this you will need give out your referral link to friends and people you know. They will sign up under you and you will earn all their points up to 1,000. If you do not know what your referral link is you can get to it by going to the Promote page then going to the Banners link.

Another good place to get referrals is on forums. If you participate in any forums about something you are interested in you can put your referral link in your signature and advertise free video game credit or free Amazon gift cards. This has earned me a majority of my referrals. Also you can put a small advertisement in your grocery store or somewhere where they have a free add board. You can include a tear off note or business cards as well if you want to.

One last good place to get referrals is on Yahoo Answers. Now this can be tricky because sometimes you may get called on by an administrator for spamming so follow these tips to avoid getting your account suspended.

  • Create a special account just for this.
  • Don’t ever use the same answer on more than one question. Always re-write an answer specific to the question. Copy and Paste is the thing that will get you banned from Yahoo Answers.
  • Be nice. Talk nicely and try not to force them to sign up with your referral link.
  • Don’t lie. Do not ever say something about Swag Bucks that is not true. If someone finds out that your answer is a lie, they can report you and also get your account banned.


So as you can see, earning a lot of stuff from Swag Bucks can really be easy. Especially if you gather a good amount of people to sign up under you. Like I said, most of my Swag Bucks come from my referrals. Although there are many, many ways to earn Swag Bucks. Referring people is Number One! So good luck and Happy Swag Bucking!

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