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Sat, Jan 9, 2010, by pablina

Money Making

Especially if you like music. is a site where you earn money from reviewing music submitted by potential artists. The main aspect of it is to sift out the good from the bad musicians by what people rate and review. The best artists then have a chance to get financed and potentially record an album.

So here is my proof that I am earning from the place ( this isn’t a referral either just a quick link). I can request payout when i reach £5 via pay pal, which you can see i already have. Yes I have requested payment and yes I have received it.  The v7.13 is what i can invest into artists I think will do well and ultimately I can also make money from that as well as getting free tracks etc if the artist sells albums. I made £5 in 2 days, but could have easily done it in one plus more. I am also on 4 stars which means my earnings are slightly more for every song I review. This will fluctuate however as you do have to be consistent with your reviews.

Below is my scouting page, ranking, money earned and tips available. If you check the site out, this will become more clear to you.

If you need to know anymore I would suggest you check the site out or pm me. Happy listening.

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  1. Christine Ramsay Says:

    Is something missing here? I can’t work out what you are actually doing on the site.


  2. Brenda Nelson Says:

    Never heard of it, thanks for sharing.

  3. Katien Says:

    Will have a look. Thanks.

  4. Ashley89 Says:

    Thanks for another great read!

  5. pablina Says:

    Will also add that you can request your payment as soon as you reach £5. Then takes a few days to enter your paypal account

  6. Christine Ramsay Says:

    I understand much better now, pablina. Thanks for the explanation.


  7. revivor Says:

    there are more and more interesting sites out there
    keep keeping us up to date

  8. squeezebox Says:

    Nice read. It’s good to see that you managed to get the Scouting to work. Despite playing multiple instraments I found Slice the Pie exceptionally difficult to progress the accuracy past 2 stars.

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