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Start working online to make extra cash but before know these skills you should possess to succeed.

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These days many people around the world are struggling to make money online. It seems quite easy for some of them and difficult for most of them. If you belong to IT domain it would not be a big deal for you, but if you are from different industry altogether such as mechanical, construction or any other that does not involve you with computers it would be really a tough task for you.

Some basic skills are must before you begin -

1. Basic Knowledge of Computers/Programs

You should have basic knowledge of computers. You should know Windows operating systems like XP, Vista, etc. You should be familiar with Word, Excel, PowerPoint, notepad, etc. Though you do not require high end programming skills, these things are basic you should know. One can surely do the basic course in computers where these topics are covered intensively. Most of the online job require working in Word, Excel so you should be quite familiar with it.

2. Typing skills/Keyboard Skills 

Keying speed is a dominant factor of online jobs. Online jobs could be of various types like copy paste or typing  or just reading and surfing. If you are looking to do data entry then you should posses a minimum speed of 40 words per minute so as to enable you to earn a decent amount of money. Most of the jobs requires the given assignment to be completed in a specific time period, so typing speed becomes crucial in completing a task. Some cases might not involve typing, in that case you should be aware of all the keys & on the keyboard. This would help you to work efficiently. One should also learn the basic shortcut keys such as Ctrl+C to copy and Ctrl+V to paste and few others to quick processing.

3. Knowledge of Internet

One can have the knowledge of computers and programs, and also the keying speed but what if you don’t know what is internet. This is most important topic one should study in detail. Knowledge of internet is essential in any kind of business activity these days, so online job is not an exception. Since, you will be working online, you should know how to surf, where to surf, how to search, where to search, what are search engines, what are websites, how to do the registrations, what is an email, how to operate email accounts, how to upload and download files, etc, etc. These are quite important things one should know. You simply cannot work if you don’t know the answers for these questions.

4.  Domain Expertise/Specialization

No matter from what field you are, if you have the above 3 skills, then you can definitely utilize your own domain expertise. There are various types of jobs online that require people from every field of business. So there are no limits or boundaries of specialization. Either you can exploit your own domain or learn a new one. These are so many opportunities ranging from a basic data entry operator to online doctors. You just need to know your own domain.

5. Ability to Research/Analysis

This is the skill which would require competency in above all 4 areas. By using all the above you will need to research for online jobs that would best suit you. In case if you know already someone providing you a online job directly then probably you would not be required to do much of the research. But, if you don’t know from where to get the job from, then you will need to do a lot of research and analysis on Internet. You will need to analyze if the found job is economic and viable from the business point of view. You will need to study in detail the job involved, the income and expenses, the efforts involved, etc.

6. Communications Skills- Written/Oral

In all cases, good communication skills is a must. Be it written or oral, you should be able to communicate what is desired to be. Errors in communication and language would result into chances of losing a job and deductions in earnings. Since most of the on-line job require good communication skills, written in case of writings, data entry, virtual assistance and oral in case of tele-calling, client communications, etc. So you need to be good in writing and oral depending on your field and type of job you are looking for. Since most of the communication, negotiations and dealings would be done through email and phone you should be able to exchange the exact and correct information that is required to be.

7. Punctual, Being Focused/Dedication and Consistency

Since you would be working on-line at home, there would be chances of you taking the work casually. Most of the online jobs give you specific time lines which you need to adhere to. Going beyond them could hurt your income for sure. You will need to be self-motivated and quite focused and dedicated to complete the given task in given time. Clients definitely monitor your performance and check if you meet their deadlines. Based on these they assign you tasks. So, you will need to know how much dedication you need to give a job to get more. Many people loose their jobs due to delays and submission of incomplete/incorrect work. Consistency plays an important role here as after some time the job becomes monotonous and you will feel like switching to another one.

These are skills if you inherit in yourself, you shall definitely succeed working online for a long period of time.

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