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Sun, Apr 25, 2010, by gudesmolf

Money Making

This is a preview of a guide that will let you earn 50$+ daily.

This is a preview of a very nice guide for Sharecash, you will make minimum 50$ per day if you follow the guide, and use all the steps, but even if you dont use all the opportunities to earn money you should still make a few bucks everyday which is pretty good compared to PTC sites, or other paid to upload sites.

In the guide you will not only be told where to post your links, but also what to upload and where to post the specific product.

There isnt just one method like post fakes on youtube to get people to download a fake and then get disappointed when they have downloaded the file, but in this guide there are 9 very ways to earn with sharecash, which is very detailed described

there are both methods that are quick like post on youtube, or more advanced methods like making a website and get people to download from there.

If you think this guide is anything for you download it here:
anyway i loved it it made me some nice money :D

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  1. Noodleman Says:

    Nice article, I’ll try it sometime!!!

  2. Lolita AntiChrist Says:

    interesting…I wish

  3. gudesmolf Says:

    it is a good guide its just way to long to be posted here thats why i uploaded it, i could upload it to hotfile if anyone would like that ;)

  4. gfdghgf Says:

    nah im downloading it, i like to help other sharecashers.

    ps: email me at if you want to do download for download.

  5. sharecash_guide Says:

    Hey Guys download my [Ultimate ShareCash Guide].. Hope you like it!:D
    i buy this Guide on the other forum and now i will give it to you for free. Just download it..


    “Sharing is Caring”

  6. gudesmolf Says:

    lol make your own article -.-

  7. Kristie Says:

    Thanks dude. This is great!

  8. gudesmolf Says:

    im glad you like it :)

  9. YOUareDOINGitWRONG Says:

    @sharcash guide you put a comment on someone elses article and you say a free guide you must think sharecash people are stupid a guide would never be 12 mb big @gudesmolf sorry but i aint gonna download a sharecash guide its probly the same as all the rest but good article

  10. loj;'/, Says:

    fuk you bitch

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