Seven Powerful Money-making Websites That Will Blow Your Mind

Mon, Jul 7, 2008, by Dave Cool

Money Making

Mind-blowing, exciting websites you never thought of before.

Am I serious? You bet! Did you know you can make money writing, publishing videos, playing games…

Let’s start and see the sites.


It’s what Willis and 20.000 people were talking about. Very useful website despite many bogus “we”ll help you make money’ resources out there.

Why it is mind blowing: The concept is brilliant. You’re challenged to make your first $10 online in 30 days. And in the meantime, you are bombarded with useful resources to help you achieve that. You learn and you challenge yourself. This is my favorite way of growing in any area.


It’s for all creative designer souls out there. It’s a great website which gives you many benefits.

Why it is mind blowing: The only work on your part is actually the design! You put your design on cups, T-Shirts and they take care of the rest. You get a commission based on the number of merchandise you sell.


Foster knowledge on the internet. What’s the better way to do that than providing nice and useful tips?

Why it is mind blowing: You provide short tips you think other people would find useful. And you get paid $1 per tip. It’s simple as that.


If your dream is helping people solve their problems, this is the site for you. Sky is the limit: you can help them via phone, instant messenger or email. Your expertise can range from home business to psychic reading. If you think you have some special skill that you’re good at, this is the place for you.

Why it is mind blowing: You actually get paid for this. The interesting this is that you set your own rate. This, of course, will depend of many factors including the level of your expertise and many other things.


This is something that caught my attention. I’ve seen many people who tell they are good at tech-support and want some website to help them get employed.

Why it is mind blowing: You can become tech-support person and work at very large companies. I think this is the reason for the popularity of this website. If you have a talent in this area maybe you should consider Working Solutions.


This is a heaven for video producers. Many videos earn up to $600.

Why it is mind blowing: If you have a crazy video, it is a perfect potential candidate for MetaCafe. People love crazy, weird or controversial things.


The best place to begin if you love writing.

Why it is mind blowing: You write and get paid. But there is more important thing that payment here. You gain recognition and reputation. Everyone who types your name on Google, for example, will reach your profile page. Some authors use Triond only for recognition. It’s up to you to choose for what purpose it may serve you.

I hope most of the sites “blew your mind” and gave you some ideas how to start making money online in quite “unusual” ways.

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  1. G.Witt Says:

    good job-I liked it

  2. IcyCucky Says:

    A good list, and I haven’t heard of some on your list…

  3. Freyja Odelia Says:

    This is very well written. I found a number of the sites to be useful and informative and your engaging writing style adds a delightful dash of personalized flavor.

  4. Morella Says:

    Thirty Day Challenge is very good site. Thanks for submitting.

  5. George Says:

    This is a great list of sites.

  6. Mike Mendel Says:

    Excellent list, I’ve heard about 30 Day Challenge but haven’t heard about other ones.

  7. Maria Says:

    Great stuff Dave, thanks.

  8. Joana Gore Says:

    I found Thirty Day Challenge a decent site.

  9. gman Says:

    how about cha cha? i get paid for every question i answer and its easy to get employed. it

  10. Gonzales Says:

    Thirty Day Challenge is the best resource out there. I’ve tried them all :)

  11. Kate Says:

    I completely agree with Gonzales, Thirty Day Challenge is really remarkable site. I’ve been on last year’s challenge and it was one of the best experienced I ever had. I highly recommend it to everyone.

  12. Mark Joan Says:

    Thanks about the beautiful article. I am also for 30 Day Challenge :)

  13. kenya y coleman Says:

    Thanks! I’ll have to look into 30 day challenge and chacha, but I’m alreasy a part of cafepress and its twin site, zazzle.A good site for various freelance opportunities is

  14. Adrian Petric Says:

    Nice list here !
    I just want to add 2 more sites to this list (if you have a website or blog).
    Well, this is mine but you can get your own site like this just check the Publisher/Partner information link there
    another page to see how you can monetize your website or blog

  15. Wokan Says:

    Yet another list of X things you need to see, install, download, click on, etc. Thankfully, I surf with AdBlock enabled, so your so-so information submitted to StumbleUpon earned you $0.00 (but adblock did report an impressive number of ads being blocked).

  16. valli Says:

    Great list.

  17. RJ Chamberlain Says:

    Great list Dave. Nice work.

  18. Sher Says:

    Thank you so much for the list.

  19. Rookie Expert Says:

    Great list. Some new ones worth checking.

  20. Pero Says:

    Thank you a lot. Great websites.

  21. Nike Schnell Says:

    Great list. I especially like the Thirty Day Challenge site.

  22. Daniel Says:

    Excellent websites. Thirty Day Challenge is the only one I know and so far the best :)


  23. Mark Says:

    Great list. 30Day Challenge is a site I highly recommend.

  24. purnomosidhi Says:

    Thanx Dave.. This info is very inspiring..

  25. Kuroki Kaze Says:

    Good list, thanks :)

  26. Elijah Bailey Says:

    Nice! I’ll be looking into it.

  27. Erich Says:

    I took last years 30 Day Challenge and learned A LOT of marketing tips that still work today. This year’s challenge begins Aug 1st, but the preseason info is already up.

  28. Paul Says:

    My mind fails to be blown.

  29. Nikhil Jain Says:

    Nice list, great work.

  30. Haha Says:

    Paul I hope your mind fails to be blown nobody wanna happen that to him/nor to you :)

    But when I saw this stuff I said: O S***! That’s mind blowing for me :)

  31. Mark Says:

    He’s kidding ;)

    Btw, nice sites. Especially the first one ;)

  32. Jawed Iqbal Says:

    Also cehck out the following; (you get a free e-commerce site) (similar to triond but they also have weekly cash prizes) (sell other people’s books and software and get commision)

  33. Eliza Worner Says:

    Interesting list!

  34. william rodriguez II Says:

    Great article,thanks for sharing!

  35. onazi ogebe Says:

    i must commend your efforts. you deserve a lift

  36. Josh W. Says:

    WOW! great stuff! thanks alot! I’m really excited to try all of these!

  37. bajella Says:

    Good job Dave Cool. Half of those things I have never heard of. I am going to try some out.

  38. Great Says:

    Great stuff. I especially like the Thirty Day Challenge site.

  39. WOOOOW Says:


  40. The first and the last ones... Says:


  41. Sean Says:

    This is a great list Dave.

  42. Gorana Says:

    Cool websites. Especially the first and the last one.

  43. Trieschman Says:

    Thanks, I learned something new.

  44. zunairah Says:

    great i agree with this just add one more site that is similar to that cafe press
    :) )))

  45. BlackouTT Says:

    nice work i just started Triond its m favoirte and i just want to adverise one of the ones i have out and one of the ones i’m going to have out. The one i’m going to have is fast money makeing it gives you 3 websites (one being triond) and tells you how to use them and how to make money off of useing them. My other one is we want wild back voice what you think about the wild in runescape and say if you want it back of if it should stay the same

  46. Fevirly Says:

    i am so excited working with you!!! i can’t wait to send my compositions, etc… thanx

  47. Cool Says:

    Great sites! I was in last year’s Thirty Day Challenge and it was awesome.

  48. Dave Says:

    Excellent list of make-money sites.

  49. Goliat Says:

    Thanks once more, Dave Cool :)

  50. blackouTTresponse Says:

    Send a complaint to jagex. Make them like make the players sign a contract to never real world trade. The websites can still sell gold… it doesnt matter. so pointless

  51. Alex Says:

    Great sites. I like them.

  52. Goran Says:

    Thirty Day Challenge looks like very good site.

  53. Monica B. Says:

    These are sites worth visiting. According to your description, the best should be the first one. We’ll see :)

  54. Bella Says:

    Dave, cool websites.

  55. Camella G. Says:

    Thank you very much. I’ll take a look.

  56. Cool Says:

    Cool websites, will take a look.

  57. Thx Says:

    Thanks Dave.

  58. Mike Says:

    Greaaaaaat websites. GREAT!

  59. Mandella Says:

    Freaking good websites.

  60. Mike Says:

    Thirty Day Challenge is very good site.

  61. Lenna Gey Says:

    Excellent article, thank you a lot Dave.

  62. Man Says:

    Hey good websites.

  63. Dog Dog Dog Says:

    Dave, thank you for the wonderful article. Some nice resources are offered here.

  64. Ricky Rick Says:

    These are very nice resources ;)

  65. TDC Says:

    Hey Cool Dave, great websites. I will take a look.


  66. Bred Brian Says:

    I’ve been in last year Thirty Day Challenge and it was great. Highly recommend it.

  67. thx Says:


  68. Mike Says:

    I’ll have to look into 30 day challenge !!
    I’ve been a cafepress member for almost a year now and i ‘ve been doin ok ;) . There ’s no such thing as easy money (nowadays).
    You have to put some effort and a lot of time to it.
    My store is (check it out)

  69. Moli Says:

    Great sites.

  70. Marko Says:

    Great sites. Have to take a look at the Thirty Day Challenge. Thanks for the great article Dave

  71. Linda Says:

    Excellent resources. Thirty Day Challenge looking like a promising one.

  72. Maya Says:

    Good sites. I’ll try them all.

  73. Autumnrose Says:

    Thank you very much! I’ll be sure to try a lot of these out!

  74. Thanks. Says:

    thanks a lot.

  75. Justin L. Moreaux Says:

    This is amazing. :D Great stuff!

  76. Nick Howes Says:

    Some very interesting listings. I’m always looking for new directions to go in making money online. Thanx.

  77. Says:

    These are all great websites.

  78. Brent Hodgson Says:

    Fantastic list.

    I’m a long-time fan of “30DC” (the 30 Day Challenge).
    Glad to see your site’s getting a stack of stumble-upon traffic


  79. models Says:

    Great Tips.

    I like Cafe-Press, It is so easy to set up -even if you do not wish to sell your own products you can use the products you design for promotions for your web site and business.


  80. leannehume Says:

    Brilliant! You know reading through your articles you have gave me loads to check out.

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  88. Sweet girl Says:

    Triond,Bukisa and Factoidz are my favourites.

    Check my article about making money from blogs.

  89. Ben Says:

    Great list of sites. I also use BV Marketing to make money.

    Thanks again!

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  95. John Wilson Says:

    BitWine has become a psychic website. What happened?

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