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Sun, Oct 24, 2010, by pthnmj

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Amazing Dungeoneering Bot.

Let me just begin saying, this bot is still in BETA, so there may be some Flaws which I will be talking about some below

DISCLAIMER: I Do not own this bot, and the respectful owner is Kiko from Powerbot.org. I Do not own Powerbot.org either, and I am only including information here to show my respect towards the Member Kiko of Powerbot.org. The above image belongs to Kiko from Powerbot.org.

WARNING!: The Following Bot will make you suffer a Massive Boner, if you do not wish to get a Boner, please back away from this article.

The Following Member,  Kiko from Powerbot.org has launched his Dungeoneering Bot named iDungeon October 10th, and took him only about 14 Days to gather enough IDs to release his bot to the public for Beta Testing. He is a great Java Coder because he devoted a lot of his time to this bot, and only accepted donatinos, and left it free for the public. He is going to make this bot PAID when/if he finishes all the floors/complexities.

Jagex LTD Released the Dungeoneering Skill in April of 2010, and did not expect this skill to be botted. The first person to achieve this skill to level 120 was Telmomarques, and he did all of that legit. Now you have the chance to show Jagex right, and get the 120 Yourself, but it will take a while since Dungeoneering is slow xp/hr. But as you get higher up in the skill you will see yourself getting more EXP and faster exp/hr.

The Following does not currently work:

Sometimes Finding a new Path
All Bosses(Currently Supports only Frost Bosses)

Some Features:
Advanced custom methods for flawless room detection and door finding.(Coded by Himself!)
Recognizes ALL keys, monsters, and door types.
Knows which doors have been opened already, which are new, which are locked, and which ones we have the key for.
Never accidentally backtracks, but if it reaches a dead end it will retrace its steps until it finds a new door.
Detects different boss types and knows how to handle each unique challenge they provide.

He has a lot of work to do yet to make it the best, but to see that the bot he currently has released, as a free script? That is nice don’t you think?

He had a lot of help by his beta testers; Getting him IDs for each doors and such, and all of the monsters.

Although he did do most of the work, he did have some help!

Give this guy some Credit for coming out with the first FUNCTIONAL Dungeoneering Bot. When you go to his thread check out the comments. He has a donate button, so if you want to support this Bot, and keep him coding it and keeping it free for a lot of people at the moment, donate.

Currently Does: All Frost Floors, and Complexity 1 ( He is working on Completing all the floors, than fixing the complexities.)

Hope you enjoyed this little Article about the New Dungeoneering bot “iDungeon”.

If you haven’t already go REGISTERat Powerbot.org download the client and get his bot!

If this is your first time, and when you reigster, please put RsBotOrgFTW as the referrer.

-RsBotOrgFTW – Proud Member of Powerbot.org

His Website

It is a REQUIREMENT to Register to gain access to his script, because you must be Registered to Download the Client.

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  1. bart Says:

    what is a Massive Boner

  2. LOL Says:

    Ur penis raises up

  3. LMFAO Says:


  4. gr0sed 0ut?! Says:

    right…Fag much

  5. LOL Says:

    bart is probly a girl

  6. jan jaap Says:

    Does the bot really works?

  7. as Says:

    I got 22222222222 Trillion dollars by eating a cow :D

  8. Jonathan Says:

    Excuse me, but when the bot is running in the dungeon, is it possible to disable the bot if you want to go do something else? or does the bot have to run 24/7?

  9. Jonathan Says:

    and if i do not LIKE the bot, may i un-install ?

  10. :) Says:

    bot does not need to be ran 24/7 floors 1-10 will take about 1:30 min to complete other floors not supported yet and u would have to keep resetting Ur floors every 1:30 min to get any type of exp and resetting bot

  11. Sean Says:

    It’s a virus. Before you go apeshit on me, scan Update.exe and see what you get. Also, if you open Run.bat with a text editor, you can see that the ‘error message’ is hardcoded into the script. It’s all a trick to get you to run the infected updater. If you decompile the jar, you will see that it installs a keyloggger ‘hi.exe’ in your startup folder, and sends all of your rsbot logins to the web. Sad really…..

  12. Sean Says:


  13. pthnmj Says:

    Sean.. Why must you flame my article sir? As you searched this script, you would know the script works perfectly fine.. As for this Updater.exe, the Bot does not run any EXE’s any EXE Files would be in the RSBot File, even though they run all .Jar files, and .Class.. So you are wrong, and wasted your time typing that up. So please think again. Kiko has scripted this, and make sure you actually find the legit script, and don’t download a stupid virus.

  14. a mac632 Says:

    do this work?

  15. dont do Says:

    it is a virus

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