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Mon, Jan 29, 2007, by Namd3r

Money Making

Forum-type websites are popping up everywhere that will pay you for every post you make, every topic you start. Little do the members know, they are wasting their time.

There are webmasters all over the place figuring out that they can get users to develop their sites for them that will work for much less than minimum wage. They lure members to the site by promising to pay them for every post that they make, usually not mentioning how much users will earn. Take myLot, for instance. They are legitimate and make payouts monthly, yet there is no single user that can accurately claim to know the algorithm used to determine the amount a member gets paid. Members wind up spending hours and hours on this site, only to find out that at the end of the day, they have made a whopping dollar-fifty. The members that are in it for a bit of fun and extra cash certainly aren’t disappointed, but because of the fact the site is offering money for every post, users everywhere think that they can get rich off of this site, when in actuality, they will make a fraction of the money they would make by having a real job.

The trouble with this is that once one site pops up, hundreds of others arise with the same, and often greater, promise, most of them scams that won’t pay. There have also been multiple sites that have popped up and shut right down once they found out that they couldn’t pay members what they promised.

So if you see a site that seems tempting, or one that says you can make hundreds of dollars but doesn’t tell you exactly what you will have to do to make that money, it’s probably best to stay away from it. It probably isn’t worth your time, especially if you are looking for a career to earn a living.

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  1. Stephanie Says:

    Well some forums are legit. Take for example. They dont make crazy promises, they let you know that with each post you earn points, and once you have enough points to cash out, you can get cash or giftcards or advertising. There are 4 levels to cash out, ect. But the forum is based around making money online, what sites pay, what sites dont. And there are also tons of other subforums to talk about just about anything. Now, there have been member after member at cashout level and have never got paid. And now all the good members left and went to cashbuddy, the forum is full of spam…

  2. JRS Says:

    Good Article. Your input was helpful also, Stephanie.

  3. Babygurl Says:

    good article .Is there some other places on here to chat an earn money ?

  4. Princess2008 Says:

    Good article but yep there are some legit sites and you take a gamble when your trying to earn money online. For those reading that are interested in paid forums try:

  5. mathan Says:

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  6. mathan Says:

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  7. silversun87 Says:

    Found a better website to earn money. Trust me, there are no strings attached, I have the money to prove it.

  8. susan Says:

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  9. Bob Says:

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  10. Ultimate Says:

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  11. Thrishan Says:

    After a great struggle i found some legitimate sites to work on, i created a blog listing all the sites which paid me, I posted my Payment proofs also. Can have look at that.

    I would like to know if there are any legitimate Paid to Post website.

  12. Parvez Says:

    I do agree with you. however try I dont think they are making any false promises, because the forum and policies are very transparent. They have given a complete algorithm as in how will they make payouts. As far as I understand you can reach their minimum payout by only posting 600 posts per month and replying to same number of posts.

  13. elasolova Says:

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  14. slipstream77 Says:

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  15. Javier H. Says:

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  17. John Says:


  18. chris_ Says:

    There are a lot of sites that are like that. Paying out a fraction of a cent. These people are making a killing off the site while the users make $20.00 quarterly. Truth be told, more power to them. As far as the ones that don’t payout, they may of had the best intentions of paying out and decided against it, or just wanted to scam, or whatever the case. Take, they probably paid out about 1% of the user’s, but they offer a great way to build up a site’s unique visitor count. Which in return will help with site popularity, a better traffic rank etc…

    I think it is ridiculous to post that you will payout and don’t. vinefire makes no claim to, as a matter of fact vinefire states they are waiting to be bought out. And the new owners will be stuck paying it out. Rippedwallet did the same, the original owner made a killing off the site, sold it and left the new owner to payout over $100,000.

    But not all sites are scams. There are a few new sites that claim they will pay when they get their first sets of revenue in, and some that have user’s post proof of payment.

    Forums that offer money for posts is just a way to get people to post. You probably get about $0.0000125 per post, making about $0.02 a day. Which isn’t much. But it is still something!

    Everyone, esp. now, is looking for the next big payout, only to get scammed. While the webmaster is sitting back drinking margaritas on the beach.

  19. ahmedsaied Says:

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  20. dipendra Says:

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