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Wed, May 14, 2008, by conners

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A quick guide in how to be more efficient in making money on Slice The Pie.

Do you wish that you could earn money faster through Slice the Pie?

Have you ever thought if I do 30mins a night I can review 15 songs per day?

Have you ever been tired because your rating never seems to rise?

This is a short guide on how you can earn more efficiently through Slice the Pie.

There are a few rules that you need to abide by for this system to work:

  • Never score higher then 7.
  • Never score less then 4.

The aim of this game is to get the closest to the average as possible and not everyone is going to like the same song, this means that in some cases one scout may vote 10, but another scout may hate the genre and vote 0. This means that if you voted 5 for the song your accuracy would 100%. Accuracy is the key to getting a higher rating.

I write about 26 reviews every 30mins, the way I do this is by opening up the windows accessory Notepad. With Notepad open whilst you are rating music it allows you to write your reviews whilst the 60second timer is ticking down, then all you need to do is copy what you have written into the review box.

Here are some stats:

  • 1 Star Scouts = 3p per review
  • 2 Star Scouts = 5p per review
  • 3 Star Scouts = 7p per review
  • 4 Star Scouts = 9p per review
  • 5 Star Scouts = 12p per review

Therefore when a scout does 15 reviews per 30mins, here are their earnings:

  • 1 Star Scouts = 45p
  • 2 Star Scouts = 75p
  • 3 Star Scouts = £1.05
  • 4 Star Scouts = £1.35
  • 5 Star Scouts = £1.80

Now if you were to do my method and complete 26 songs per 30mins:

  • 1 Star Scouts = 78p
  • 2 Star Scouts = £1.30
  • 3 Star Scouts = £1.82
  • 4 Star Scouts = £2.34
  • 5 Star Scouts = £3.12

As you can see over time that increase of just 11 songs every 30mins can increase your money making severely, you are nearly doubling your earnings.

Now I know you saying, “I can never think what to write” well here are a few pointers:

As you are only mainly listening to the intro of the song, this is the best place to write about.

  1. What did you think of the intro?
  2. Was it a good length?
  3. Did it blend into the song?

Write about the vocals

  1. Were they in tune?
  2. Did they go with the music?
  3. Did it need more or less power?

Write about the music

  1. Was the volume ok?
  2. Was it well worked?
  3. The guitar played well?

The showcase:

  • Do you think it will make the showcase?

You should be able to write about 50 words in a minute if you follow these guidelines.

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  1. Andrew Couch Says:

    Cheers dude this helped a bunch.
    The whole accuracy thing has plenty of flaws as everyone has different opinions but this sure helps to put the accuracy up :)
    Thanks again.

    P.S. the notepad idea was ingenious :P

  2. fred Says:

    Hi thanks a lot for the tips,i followed your advice and got
    a 3 star rating in just two weeks.I owe it to you man.

  3. alex Says:

    Hi thanx alot mate but i also know a very good way of speedins up your reviewing time. What i do is make two accounts on slice the pie using two different e-mails and open one slice the pie account on either AOL and the other on internet explorer. Then whilst one is counting down you can have it on mute and the other music playing then when you have finished reviewing it click play next track and then mute that whilst it counts down and review the other slice the pie music.

    It sounds really difficult but it is actually really simple. Hope this helps.

  4. tom Says:

    thanks m8 your help really made a difference and now i find reviewing a hell of a lot easier thanks 2 u.

  5. Tim Says:

    I got banned for copying and pasting!

  6. jhing Says:

    i dont know what i do wrong but im on track 200+ accuracy is 91% but the earning is still measly 0.57 and it did not increase, even the star rate did not increase, i keep typing more than 100 characters too. I try to be nice, obeyed rating between 4-7, and invested on 1 band using my voucher, but yet my earnings dont increase only the voucher, why is that?

  7. Lace Says:

    I always knew about the notepad thing… always helped! But THANK you so much for the rating advice :) Hope it works!

  8. Buma Says:

    I use slicethepie, and I really like the idea, i always talk about vocals, the background, backings, guitar, drums, tempo, rhythm, chorus and you’re great!

  9. Spen Says:

    If you only rate between 4-7 now you will sit on one star forever. There is a feature called spread which is based on a graphical bell curve. You need to rate between 0,10 now and it checks this over your last 30 reviews. Shame on those of you who are cheating. Having two accounts running at the same time. how can you give a good review if you are not listening.

  10. Hannah Says:


    I’ve read through your advice & comments and it’s all great! But I’m havng problems scouting full stop, can anyone help?!? Every time I go into the 24/7 Scouting Room it says Aritse: Review to find out! and “You will be able to review this track here after the first 60 seconds of it have played…” And it stays like this. Can anyone help…? It would be greatly appreciated.

    Many Thanks

    Hannah xx

  11. gleecast Says:

    Hello, I just started and I would like to ask. Do you get paid immediately when you start reviewing or does it take a while?

  12. JJ1459 Says:

    This is just a big fraud!Slicethe pie is not a baby fool site…They will block your account if you will try to do this..

  13. elvis Says:

    Nice share. Best slicethepie earning strategy on the internet.

  14. STP-er Says:

    This somehow seem to me the worst strategy. Why? Once you stay betweet 5-7 rating you will have 100% accuracy but definitely a single star scout rating only. Notepad advice is a good advice. That is what I have been doing since I started. I\’m at 94% accuracy sometimes 96% and a 5 star scout rating from time to time but, I never followed a 5-7 spread routine.

  15. tammy Says:

    As a musician who uses STP to get what I thought was honest feedback, it’s nice to know that the rating actually amounts to a bunch of a**holes just trying to get those few extra pennies and has nothing to do with the quality of the songs.

  16. Angel Coffey Says:


    I’ve had a slice the pie account for a while, but never participated much and kind of forgot about it. But now, something reminded me of the site, and I am back on it trying to figure it all out.

    This article really helped me, as a beginner. Great tips!

  17. seiva7 Says:

    slice the pie is OK.

  18. Brandi Says:

    i made over 10 in 3 days. Best paying site ive used before!

  19. Michel Says:

    Personally i think musicians deserve to be listened to honestly. I opened up an account at STP because i like music. Sometimes i find it hard to write a good review – especially when i really hate the song i listen to – but i still think the artists deserve an honest review and let\’s be realistic: where else can you listen to music and get paid for it without having to spend a dime!

    So: say something useful and rate accordingly. Every review i gave lately earned me at least $0.10. Only thing i miss at STP: the option to skip a song and the option to replay a song.

  20. 1000moneymakers Says:

    Good content. Very useful. Good Google page rank for “Slice the Pie Review” too.

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