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Fri, May 28, 2010, by misterkhalil

Money Making

There are some odd ways to get quick(ish) cash around the Alamo city.

San Antonio’s economy largely revolves around the medical, military, and tourism industry. However, if you are a college student, single parent, or graduate waiting on a job, then there are also plenty of spots in SA that can employ you in the mean time.

If you are a college student, the college bookstores around San Antonio are generally always employing. Due to the short lived terms of their employees and the constant need for someone to man the bookstore, SA Town’s universities generally always have work-study programs open for their student body. UTSA, Incarnate Word, Trinity, the Alamo Colleges, and OLLU (just to name a few of the colleges) have recreation centers, shops, restaurants, and office internships that all need manning.

The malls, notably North Star, have tons of stores that employ retail associates year round (especially during the summer and holidays). Be warned, you won’t be accepted everywhere you apply, but these stores such as Hollister, Victoria’s Secret, and Forever 21 employ low level experienced people and will be sure to have some opportunities available for you. Other malls that might have opportunities include Crossroads, South Park, La Cantera, and Ingram.

Babysitting! Hit up the classifieds in the San Antonio Express News (or even Craigs List) and get a job babysitting. Of course, this might require good people skills and some possible baby sitting experience, but it is definitely a way to get quick money. Interviews are important when it comes with this, whether it be in person or over the phone, because parents like to employ people who seem very down-to-earth and sensible when it comes to baby sitting.

Sell some plasma at the South West Blood and Tissue Center. Not everyone qualifies for this, and it can be quite extensive in background checks, but you could make out with a few solid bucks. Yes you have to fill out a survey and whatnot, but $10-$50 for an hour of your time is really worth it.

Last, but certainly not least, you can participate in seasonal clinic testing. Of course, like donating plasma, you will need to qualify for each medical test. Listen to MIX 96.1, 98.5 THE BEAT, or another local station for research evaluations going on in the San Antonio area! Google can also be your best friend when it comes to this.


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