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Thu, Jan 14, 2010, by J.L. Eck

Money Making

An overview of what it takes to make money writing on the internet.

So, you want to make money writing, but you don’t know where to begin.  You could climb to the top of BoJack Mountain and look far into the distance while you hope to see a sign in the clouds.  You could wear out your key board, typing endlessly for days until it explodes in a fury of swear words and melted plastic, but not make money writing online.  Is joining a group going to help you, probably not.  What you need is some guidance, some nurturing, some big love.  You may feel like part of some HatedNation.  It’s ok, here you will find the answers to those burning questions about writing for money.

If you need to make money quick, writing may not be the way you need to go.  There are many ways to make money fast, but all end up making you feel like you lost a little something along the way.  Anyone can get on Ebay and sell all of their assets, but few are able to truly make a go of making money on the internet with a writing career.  It can be difficult to distinguish between fact and fiction when searching through the endless list of sites where one can make money writing.  Persistence, determination, and good writing technique will help you to obtain your dream of making money writing online, but there is far more to it than that.  The folks in Triond’s forum will help you to understand what it takes to make money writing on the internet, but you have to join.  Go ahead!  It’s free.  Remember to take with you an open mind, a strong heart, and steel fingertips.

Image via Wikipedia.   Good luck with your new career while you make money writing!

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  1. Phill Senters Says:

    How true. If you want to earn quick money writing, you’d better write something really GOOD !

  2. qasimdharamsy Says:

    Nice one…well written…

  3. Ruby Hawk Says:

    Good info, you can earn online but don’t expect to become rich fast, or slow for that matter.

  4. magicdarts Says:

    it’s definitely a slow burner but well worth it to me to satisfy my passion for writing and bring in a few pennies!

  5. J.L. Eck Says:

    The passive residual income approach is one important approach to making money writing. Triond is a place where one can develop the know-how.

  6. clickmarbin Says:

    i like your style in writing , good job

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