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Wed, Jul 15, 2009, by BC Doan

Money Making

List your handmade items on these websites to sell and have an income to get through tough times.

Are you an artist, or crafty person?  If you are creative and have handmade items laying around your home, then it’s time to turn them into sellable items and make money.

There are many websites online that cater to this special handmade niche.  You can sell virtually anything, from earrings, to paintings, soaps, candles, to iron works.  Handmade item is a booming business, and many people have been earning a steady income with their special talents.

I am listing seven websites that I frequent and/or currently a member.



Etsy has been around for a very long time, and they are specialized in selling and selling handmade items.  Sign up for an account is free at Etsy, and listing an item costs twenty cents for three months.  There will be a small fee you have to pay Etsy if an item was sold, depending on how much it was sold for.



This is a fairly new website, but becoming very popular among artists.  You can list up to twelve items for free, and there is no selling fee either.  If you want to have unlimited listing, then you can sign up for a premium membership at $12 dollars a month with a long list of benefits.

Though the site is still in its beta stage, its popularity is rising steadily each day.




Crobbie offers a free account for buyers, where you can purchase an item without a fee, participate in the forum, and post articles at no charge.  However, for seller there is a charge for listing and selling.  This site has been online since 2003, and it is based in Rockford, Illinois. 

I recommend reading the user agreement section on this site to get a complete overview of all other aspects before you sign up.


Made It Myself

This site is specialized in woodworks, sculptures, and paintings, but not limited to just these areas.  As long as the item is handmade, you can sell it here.  Register for an account is free, but there is a small charge listing and selling an item.

You can also set up a donation account on this site for your favorite organizations.  Again, make sure you understand your term and condition before sign up!


Shop Handmade


This is really an interesting site.  There is 25 cents charged per item listed to sell, but they also have occasional sponsors where the sponsors will pay for your listing.  Your listing will never expire if you log in every month, and it can also be relisted automatically.

If your item is sold, you can assign a percentage of the final prize to pay Shop Handmade, or you can choose not to!  They leave this fee up to you! Check out this section on What Do We Charge.

When you purchase an item on this site, you are also protecting 25 square feet of endangered rainforest.



This site has just entered the World Wide Web on February 2009, and located in Australia.  Signing up for an account and listing unlimited items are free.  However, if an item is sold, a flat rate of 7.5% commission will be charge to your account.  You can sell fine art, handmade items, supplies and vintage.

For both seller and buyer refer to Zibbet, you will earn 2.5% of theirs earning and spending, forever!

Red Bubble


Joining Red Bubble is free, and easy!  You can upload your pictures, design your own T-shirt, creating greeting cards, and sell your products.  Red Bubble has a base price for each category, and you can add your own mark-up to that. 

When an item is sold, Red Bubble will handling from shipping, packaging to payment while you continue to create.

These are only a few sites that I’ve known, or have experienced with handmade items.  If you are creative, you can look over these sites and list your items to sell.  Turn your hobbies and talents into a steady income.

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    Very useful BC :) I never knew you could sell handmade things online without doing so on Ebay Craigslist or other auctioning sites :D It’s good to have another way to make money for your family…times are hard ppl need what they can get

  13. xoxo Says:

    These are very helpful. Red bubble interest me the most. Thanks :)

  14. Derek Says:

    I haven’t heard of half of those, I’ll have to give them a look. Thanks!

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    My daughter Stacey is quite crafty. She recommends Etsy, but I will have to share this article with her for more ideas!

    I am bookmarking & thanks so much! This is sure to help so many others!

  16. Sandra L. Petersen Says:

    I’m not an artist as far as painting or drawing but I knit and crochet and take photos. My youngest daughter is a budding anime artist. She knows about Etsy and is on Deviant Art but supposedly (she says) because of her age, cannot sell anything.

  17. Allison West Says:

    What a great list! I’ve heard of some but will check them all out, thanks so much for this info! ;)

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    I will check into some of these sites. I do crafts and give them away. I haven’t tried selling . Thanks for the info.

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