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Wed, Oct 6, 2010, by d crick

Money Making

Become a Thirty-One consultant and begin your financial freedom!

     Make Money With Thirty-One

Thirty-One Gifts is a faith based company who believes in celebrating women for who they are, encouraging women to reach their financial freedom, and rewarding women with our great products and opportunities. It is a great company to work for, with many awesome benefits! You can make your own schedule, and only work when you want! You can do your entire job from home if you want, but your business will be a lot more fun and successful if you get out and gave parties!

Thirty-One is a unique line of purses, totes, thermal containers, baskets, wallets, luggage, make up & jewelry bags, and much more! Almost everything can be personalized! There is a great variety of products, and a great variety of prints to choose from. Thirty-One products will keep you organized and make your life easier, while looking great! The items are functional and will fit any situation for men, women, kids, and babies, of any age and in any lifestyle! There are great items for school, travel, picnic, beaches, business men or women, laundry, crafts or hobbies, decoration in your home, as well as to carry as a purse! There are new catalogs that come out every six months, plus a winter gift guide to provide you with great Christmas or holiday gifts!

It only costs $99 to begin your business with Thirty-One, but you receive over $300 worth of products in your new consultant starter kit. This kit will give you everything you will need to begin your career with Thirty-One. You do not have to have a certain number of parties, or have parties at all! I make most of my money through customers ordering from my catalog and my website:


There are new specials each month for both the hostess and the customers! Customers love the great deals, and hostesses love receiving free and half price products, and many other hostess rewards! The hostess works hard to take up orders or gather friends to attend a party, and you collect the profit! How easy is that?! Thirty-One also offers many other opportunities to reward their customers, like giving away free trips to Jamaica, the Bahamas, Disney, laptop computers, cash bonuses, free product kits, and much more! There are always different opportunities to boost your sales, like in the entire month of September, customers can order anything for 40% off! With the customer specials, you can get many items free or drastically reduced. If you sale it for full price, you earn huge profits!

Visit my website for more information:

. I would love to have you on my team! To join Thirty-One and become a consultant, go to my website and click on “join my team”. You can view the catalog , specials, hostess rewards and more on my website! I will also mail out a catalog and order form for anyone interested in hosting a catalog party. Show the catalog to friends, family, class mates, church members, at sporting events, at the beauty shop or where-ever, and turn in an order with me and you will receive great free and reduced items, as well as other hostess rewards. You can call or e-mail your order in to me, or have your customers place their order online through your party. Thirty-One accepts checks, money orders, and credit card payments.


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