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Mon, Aug 3, 2009, by aznreviewer

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Today, a very fast growing site on the internet is swagbucks. On swagbucks, you simply use a search engine similar to Google and you will have a chance to win a swagbuck. Swagbucks can then be redeemed for prizes. Sounds simple right? Well swagbucks is a lot more complicated then that.

There are many good things and bad things about swagbucks. It is more rewarding then an average search engine for sure, but is it that much rewarding? The website gives away swagbucks randomly to different accounts. However, searching more times will not let you win more swagbucks. There is some autotimer in the system that allows your account to receive a swagbuck when you search every 4-5 hours or so. Therefore, it may look simple to get swagbucks at first, but you will have to keep going back to the site to win prizes. Another good thing however, is that when you win swagbucks, you have a chance of winning multiple swagbucks. You can win 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, or 10 swagbucks at a time. Of course, most of the time you end up winning 1 swagbuck

This leads me to my next point, which is about prizes. The good thing is that some prizes only cost a few swagbucks. For example, you can buy a gift card to an unknown store for only a few swagbucks. However, if you have tried any website like my coke rewards, you will know it takes a while to get many swagbucks. For example, to get an ipod touch, you need 3000 swagbucks. Everyday you get around three swagbucks. It will take you a little under 9 years to get your iPod touch.

However, there are other good ways to get swagbucks on swagbucks. One thing you can do is trade in your old video games and cell phones. Swagbucks will give you a legitimate amount of swagbucks for you stuff you trade in. Also, like many sites, you can earn swagbucks through referrals. However, unlike many sites, it does not stop there. On swagbucks, you can also earn swagbucks through swag codes. If you read the blog, the swagguy will come around a post a swagcode. Enter the swag code and earn one or two swag bucks. On the blog, there are also many contests that you can enter to earn even more swagbucks. Lastly, you can earn swagbucks if you are choosen as the hourly winner. The hourly winner will earn five swagbucks. You have to be online to be the hourly winner.

Overall, swagbucks is a somewhat legit site for winning free stuff. Is it more rewarding the searching on Google? You can say that. Can you get rich off it? Probably not. Is it worth a shot? That is for you to decide.

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  1. the good stuff Says:

    That is a sorry explaniation of it. It is way better than what you make it sound.

  2. Jessica Says:

    This is a really good post!

    I will consequently share my experience when I signed up with SwagBucks and got over 100 swag-bucks the 1st day (just signed up using: ) which gave me 35 points, and used it for searches, polls, and swag code! :)

    Best of luck to everybody out there!

  3. Makz Says:

    Swagbucks is awesome. I have made $15 in gift cards, plus some valuable trading cards, in two months. Im not even on alot! If you use this link , me and you will be “connected”, meaning we both get extra points! Thanks!

  4. mommy070911 Says:

    I will have to say yes Swagbuck is a awesome site. I have earn many thing off this site.
    However it does take a little while to earn prizes.
    I did find another site that you can earn stuff a lot faster and even some cash. You don’t have to want two months. PLus the prize are anything you can find on

  5. A Swagbucks User Says:

    Swagbucks is a great site I believe that if you have not sign up yet you should, You can earn free giftcards that can be used for gifts at sites like and many stores such as Sears and Best Buy!
    Sign up here —–>
    :D Best Site Ever!!!!!!

  6. J Pisani Says:

    I can’t remember how I found out about Swagbucks, but it is great. I have used my Swagbucks to buy xbox games for my kids, as well as amazon gift cards for myself. Right now I’m at just over 10,000 Swagbucks, but I’m not sure what to get this time as they offer more prizes for US residents, and I am in Canada.

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