How to Skip Sharecash Surveys

Wed, Jan 12, 2011, by Datrev

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Fed up with annoying surveys to get access to interesting files for you?
That’s the way.

As a preliminary comment to this article, it must be said that, as of today (July 30th) the Official YouTube video that promotes this Sharecash Bypass Service (video embedded below) has been flagged from Sharecash users, obviously unhappy to see this Service in place, and removed 5 times from YouTube.

This clear evidence that the Sharecash Bypass Service we are going to mention further actually works!


What is is a pay-per-download website.

It’s one of the websites on that niche that pays more (another being Reason for this being that, to download your file, you’ll need to complete a surveys first.

Annoying? YES!

Easy? Not all the times! See why:

a) For some countries surveys are not available; so you can’t download the files you are after;

b) You may face a situation where you can make same surveys only few times but you need to download multiple files;

c) If you put fake details or you use a proxy to workaround previous issues, your file download won’t unlock even if you complete the whole survey.


For all these reasons, many people tried in the past to find out scripts to skip the Surveys and have direct access to the files.

Greasemonkey scripts, combination of Firefox addons… many methods appeared on the scene.

The BAD NEWS are that

1) these are scam in the best cases or viruses/trojans in the worse case

2) these scripts rarely work

3) if they work, they have a very short lifespan; Sharecash keep changing the HTML of their pages and the scripts normally work for 2-3 days. After that, you still need to do Surveys or go begging for a new method, taking the risk of tripping over viruses, scam etc…

Obvious to mention that skipping the surveys is somewhat illegal.

These companies base their income on these surveys. If you manage to skip them and download the file, you are basically scrubbing their outcome away.

Kind of hacking, if you like…


So, what’s the way to skip the surveys legally?

Easy: go to and you will get, for free and legally, either

- a Sharecash Premium Account that will allow you to download, without any survey at all, from any Sharecash link for 3 consecutive days from the time of activaton

- 2 or more files Downloaded from Sharecash for you!

Official youtube video

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4 Comments For This Post
  1. tirycm Says:

    Did somebody tried this software – Sharecash Pirate ?

  2. SparklinMoe Says:

    Thanks for this!

    I must vouch that the Service actually works, they responded within 20 minuted with my files uploaded onto hotfile!

  3. Datrev Says:

    tirycm, yes, but that has been recognized as a malware from my antivirus.

    What is more, the service I discuss in this article is NOT warez, illegal or whatsoever.
    It’s a LEGAL way to bypass surveys.

    Not even comparable with your pirate software, sorry.

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