How to Open & Verify Paypal Account From Nigeria & Ghana

Sat, Apr 24, 2010, by marvrid

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Paypal registration and verification from Nigeria and Ghana without changing IP.

It is well known fact that paypal does not accept registration from Nigeria & Ghana because she believes Nigeria & Ghana acceptance will mar the reputation that paypal has built over the years.

This has forced many Nigerians & Ghanaians to employ various means to get registration from paypal. The most common one is the use of another country address. To use this, you will need IP Changer which protect your identity. For example if you use South Africa, You need IP changer that will change your Nigeria/Ghana IP to that of South Africa. With all these Nigerians & Ghanaians are still having problems with their paypal account. The solution to the problem however, is what I want to reveal to you now.

How to open Paypal by Nigerians & Ghanaians

There are two ways to open paypal actually; the first one is through the use of IP changer and the second one is to open it directly from either Nigeria or Ghana. I wouldn’t want to go through the first method because I have a comprehensive ebook on it already and funny enough it is free. If you need the book just send a blank email to  with subject: My Paypal Manual and check your inbox.

Yes I am particular about the second option i.e opening and verify your paypal account directly from Nigeria/Ghana. If an American who is living in Nigeria/Ghana can open a paypal account right here in Nigeria/Ghana, nothing stops you too from registering your paypal account from Nigeria/Ghana. Yes paypal knows it that it is Nigerian/Ghana IP but sometimes they limit your account for you to verify that you are the real owner of the account, when you are registering, don’t take a personal account, don’t change your IP and choose a premier account for it gives you a lot of benefits.

Also don’t ever sign up for paypal with US or UK address, if you do, what happens is that paypal will request you to supply your bank account. So its is easy to predict the outcome of what will happen when you don’t have a UK or US bank account and you shouldnt sign with the address of either countries. Using Graphcard address, fastecash virtual address is not acceptable by paypal.

If you are signing up for the first time, you will see a place where you will be asked of your checking account or credit card, don’t fill it. If you do, they will instantly limit your account.

Note: remember first timer will be asked of checking account, don’t fill it.

As you are now ready to sign up, use other African countries to sign up. You cant use Nigeria or Ghana but you can use any other African countries. However, study the relationship between such countries very well before you choose such country. For example Niger is accepted by paypal but it is not suitable for registration. Up to 12 African countries are suitable to be used. Example of such African countries is Zimbabwe and South Africa.

Next is to verify your paypal account

After signing up, to verify takes about five minutes if you have all the facilities in place. The first thing is to get what we call paypal virtual card and it cost $8 only

Once you log in, to verify paypal what you will see is : Add debit or credit card. Though there are lot of card here there but the only card you can use is called paypal visa card for just $8 with liberty reserve. My free book on how to open and verify paypal account explain in detail with adequate diagram, I recommend that you should get it. It is free. You can get by just sending a blank email to with subject: My Paypal Manual and check your inbox.

The secret you don’t know why paypal is limiting your account are;

  1. make sure you do a refund straight off if anybody should ask for refund. Paypal values their reputation too much
  2. don’t add your account to MLM site, it is against their term of service (TOS).
  3. don’t make attempt change your email address. Get more from my ebook by just sending a blank email to with subject: My Paypal Manual and check your inbox.

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