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Sun, May 30, 2010, by jasontdude

Money Making

With an incredibly diversity of options, making money online has never been so easy, join Points2Shop today and make money fast and easy!

Points2shop is one of the best paid to do survey sites I have ever participated in. After trying out the likes of, lockerz, and many others, I found this to be the most reliable and easy. The diversity of the offers and the extra bonuses they offer make it one of the top notch websites in the industry. You don’t even just fill out surveys, there are many additional methods to earning money, and some can even be fun. Your time is never dull as you scramble between filling out surveys and playing games or entering the daily lottery. Probably the best part is that the site is direct partners with, so any time you want to cash out your earnings, which you will, you can choose ANY prize on amazon. And if you have a paypal, you can cash out the money immedietly, with only 24 hours until it gets into your account. How awesome is that?! Sign up today and start earning within minutes! Sign up here and start making money today!

Best Way to Make Money In order for you to succeed on this website you must complete offers or get referrals who will do offers to make you money. The best route to take at first is to do the offers yourself to start getting money right away. To do this most effectively you should follow some simple instructions.

1. Clear your cookies before EACH offer, this part is critical and it could be the difference between lots of money and very little. Each browser is different but most can do this simply by going to Tools and then click something along the lines of Internet Options and then click on clear cookies. Also you must have your browser set to accept ALL cookies and this can be done under the same menu as before.

2. Some sites recommend shutting off your firewall and/or anti-virus, however I do not recommend this at all because I see no problem with crediting while keeping those on, and also with those off some sites will infect your computer with malware and viruses so you should never turn them off.

3. Do all offers in either Internet Explorer or Firefox, these have the best track record for successful approval rates.

4. Fill out all information truthfully and make sure to read the requirements of the offer to make sure you go as far as you need to in order to receive credit. Most of the time it requires you to get to a page that says something like, “Thank you for signing up….” and then you are done and can submit your offer for approval.

If you do all these steps then you should be able to make an easy $20-$30 in a matter of days, or if you have lots of time you can do it in hours. I did and so can you! So just sign up,here , and start today.Not convinced it’s real? I know what you’re thinking. You’re thinking, “My momma always told me that if something is too good to believe than it must not be legitimate.” Well I don’t blame you for feeling that way. I felt that exact same way when I first signed up. I signed up mostly just to see if it was real and not put a lot of time in. However, once I got that first PayPal payment I haven’t looked back. There are many sites on the internet that are fake and scams but this site is for real. I was a skeptic at first just like everyone else, but trust me, once you get that first prize or payment you will be so glad that you took a simple step in signing up and putting in a few minutes of effort. It’s all about risk and reward in the online money making scene and in this situation there is absolutely no risk and all reward! There’s no sign up fee, there’s no hidden payments you have to make, there’s no minimum activity, there’s nothing that you have to do! The sign up is free, the offers are free, and the prizes are free! There’s nothing to lose and everything to gain so sign up today!
Proof that this works! 

Some people are very skeptical that these programs actually work but I am here to tell you, and show you, that this site is legit and you will get paid. If you take a look at the picture I have attached you can see that I made $6.57 from the site, and guess what? That was after just 1 hour, and I was paid within 24 hours! I think that’s amazing for this kind of program! Most other sites will wait weeks, or maybe even a month or two, to get you the money you have earned. This site however is better and pays you faster! If you still don’t believe me about this site then I will point you to this site, where members have posted their payment and prize pictures. This does work and it can get you some nice spending money, so why not take a chance and start today? There’s also a very neat feature that allows you to get a free dollar upon signup to prove that this site is legit, and this also serves as a way of verifiying your account, so there’s really no reason not to sign up. It will pay off,  I guarantee it.

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Need more proof? If you are still skeptical about the legitimacy of this site then there is one more thing that I can try and convince you with. The site offers a free dollar to prove to you that they are legit. All you have to do is confirm your account by phone and you can order a free dollar for 100 points after you receive 250 for verifying your phone number. This is the best way to show you that they are legitimate. Simply sign up and get a dollar sent to you so that you can see that this site really can get you money. Again the link is, here . If this was any simpler I don’t think it would be legal but this is legal and it’s awesome. Make lots of money with it and you can get some awesome prizes!Maybe cash is more your thing. If you’d rather do offers and surveys for cash there is an option available to you. Points2Shop’s sister site,, gives you money instead of points to use on Amazon and with only a $1 minimum withdrawal to PayPal you’re sure to quickly have some extra online spending money to use. If you change your mind later you can also change your cash into points at a conversion rate of 100 points=$1.
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