How to Make Money on The Internet, If You’re Under 18

Sun, Sep 6, 2009, by runy967

Money Making

Ok, you search for a way to make money on the internet, you find a good way to make money, it’s bullet proof, but you have to be 18 or older.

This is a great way to make money when you under 18 on the Internet work for “” all you need to do is articles just put up 100 articles, that would attract some interest, and even if you get say 10 hits a day on each of your articles, you get 1000 hits a day 1000 X 28 = 28000 hits per month, which would yield 28000 / 10 = 2800 cents = $28 i get it it’s not that much but hey if you’re under 18 and you’re making 28 bucks a month for doing nothing then who cares?

But you need to set up a bank account (optional)
and a pay pal account (needed)

And duh, a Account on,

I’m not sure if you need bank account to cash a check, i don’t have a bank account and i don’t get my payment via check, i get it on pay pal, but anyway to get the money in cash, you’ll need to switch your form of payment to a check, you can do it other ways but this is easier.

Also when you write an article make sure you have as many tags as possible even if your article is about bears put “money” “drugs” or something someone would search. just put a bunch of tags on your article, like these, that i put on to this article,

 fast, money, no, fees, yes, Triond, pay, pal, sex, love, life, text, twitter, tags, under, 18, 1, 8, money, gang, bang, murder, rape, rap, hip, hop, hip-hop, cool, awesome, music, DJ

Just so you know i do not own Triond i do not claim to own it, and i do not now how payment works exactly.

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  1. jofices Says:

    Awesome! for my teens. Thanks

  2. runy967 Says:

    i’m glad i could help you!

  3. nine Says:

    is this available in the philippines??????

  4. runy967 Says:

    lol, of course, it’s on the internet, it’s available anywhere you have internet!

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