How to Make Money Just by Leaving Your Computer on!

Sun, Oct 3, 2010, by vikashfoolsu

Money Making

Gomez Peer is a FREE application that can potentially make you an extra $45 a month!

Many people claim that you can make a steady income with some sort of method that usually involves tedious work and a lot of time and effort. But I myself can say that these things require more time to do than worth. You can’t expect to make an income through the internet, unless you run a big website of some sort. 

I am here to introduce a program called Gomez Peer. Gomez Peer is an application that runs on your computer and can make you money as long as your computer is on. It requires almost zero effort. 

Let me explain how it works.

Big companies and website owners need to test their websites out for functionality and loading times. What Gomez Peer does is it measures the performance of websites while your computer is on. By doing so, you can earn extra pocket money. 

Here’s how to sign up:

1) Go to and click apply. Go through the registration process.

2) Download the Gomez Peer application from 

3) Run the application and watch your earnings go up!

Please note, that when you sign up your status is “PENDING”. If you leave your computer on long enough and contribute, your account will be put as active. This can take from 7-14 days, but it is well worth the wait.

Gomez Peer pays out at the end of every month, with a minimum payout of $5. 

You can also make money with referrals, even if you are still a “PENDING” member.

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  1. Pete Macinta Says:

    Interesting, but what do you mean by contribute?

  2. vikashfoolsu Says:

    Your computer as well as many other computers around the world help test these websites. Thus the word “contribute”

  3. aaa Says:

    Do not do this. This useless unless you\’re running an internet cafĂ© of some sort – using at least 14 computer 24/7 will give you the potential earnings above 30$. Besides, the money spent to power your computer will be far higher then the money earnt.
    There is no such thing as earning cash online, unless you come up with something very creative.

  4. required Says:

    I know better company, the program is called GreenPC, but It doesn’t work anymore,

  5. required Says:

    I know better company, the program is called GreenPC, but It doesn\’t work anymore,

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