How to Make Easy Money by Posting Links Online

Sun, May 23, 2010, by Logan Davis

Money Making

This article will explain how to make money by posting links online.

        I’m sure you have all heard about making money online, but are not sure if they are true or not. There are millions and maybe even billions of ways to make money online. Most of those ways are a scam, or produce very little money for the amount of work and time spent doing it. I have searched all over the web and have found many of these scams promising that you will make a fortune, or that you will make so much in a week. Let’s face it. They aren’t true.

         If you really want to make a good amount of money online (and I’m not promising thousands of dollars a day), then you should visit I’m a registered user and I have made thousands of dollars so far. At first I didn’t make much because I wasn’t really sure how it worked, but I looked into it and read about how it works and it pays what it promises. The way to make money by using clickbank is to become an affiliate. Affiliates promote business products and post links onto other websites. If somebody surfing the web clicks on your link and buys the product, you may earn up to 75% commission! You are allowed to promote as many products as you wish. So if you had thousands of links for hundreds of products, just imagine the amount of money you could be making. Even if you have less than a hundred links, and people click on a few, you can still make at least a hundred dollars a pay period. Not bad for clicking and pasting.

         An easy way to find pages to post links on is Yahoo! Answers. People are posting questions virtually every second. If you find products to promote that answer a question (for example, a cook book to answer a question about cooking), then you could post the link on there as well as other information to help the person in need. Many people look at Yahoo! Answers to help them with their problems as well, which will bring in more traffic.

        I hope you’ve learned a lot from this article. Try out clickbank and start making money today!

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  1. slowslow Says:

    Whoa! I thought for sure I was going to see a referral link in this article. The lack of a referall link makes me believe it more.

    Good job.

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