How to Make £60,000 a Month Guaranteed – Working From Home

Sat, Aug 1, 2009, by dawn1975

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Will this system make you more money than bill gates or is it too good to be true.

How to Make £60,000 a Month Guaranteed – Working From Home

So you’ve found this article and you want to know the inside secrets to making huge amounts of money, with very little effort that will guarantee your future. Well, before I start, I want to tell you a bit about myself.

About five years ago, I was living in a cardboard box underneath a flyover with bills piling up on top of me, but that might have had something to do with the ripped bin bag that was lying next to me. After a while of living rough, I said to myself, “hey, I’ve got to do something here”, so I scrounged a couple of quid of some passers-by for a cup of tea, but really it was so that I could go to a local internet café. I did some research on internet marketing, online business principles and web retail. After only two hours research, I uncovered a secret formula for almost instant riches beyond my wildest dreams. I was so excited by the discovery I made, I wrote it all down on the back of a cigarette packet. The following two days after I made my miraculous discovery, I had managed to beg enough money of passers-by to set up my first online e-commerce site for next to no money at all, and within a week I was able to put a down payment on a luxury apartment overlooking the river. Within the following two years, I had amassed such huge wealth that I was able to buy my £3,000,000 mansion, my Bentley convertible, my yacht ’The Sea Princess’, and my own private retreat in the Bahamas, to which I reach in my private jet. Life is absolutely fantastic now, and all from that brief moment in an internet café. Whilst setting up my e-commerce site, I found it so easy to set up and administer, that I even employed Phyllis, the local bag lady, (who has now sadly died when she fell into my swimming pool and drowned) paying her a tin of Carlsberg Special per hour. Now, I’ve got to this point in my life with such an amazing system that a child could do and it has made me so much money, that I don’t think I have enough time to spend it all, that I have decided, out of the goodness of my own heart, to give it away to you for a measly £50.00. Now, you have to remember, that the information and the system that I have devised is so good that is literally worth tens of thousands of pounds, but since I don’t need the money, that is why all I ask is £50.00.

So, you have a brief synopsis of my life in the last five years and what my system has done for me, and I’m sure you are saying to yourself, that for a measly £50.00, that I will get a system that will make me millions. Sounds too good to be true? That’s because it is!!

We have to take into context that we all want something for nothing, or that we want to amass huge wealth from practically nothing. To date, the only system I know that could bring you huge wealth from next to nothing is called the Lottery. That is not to say that you cannot make money online, and have some success, and in the rare occasion, have huge success which I will explain later, but for now, I want you to think about who these ‘get rich’ programmes are designed for.

People on low incomes who are scraping by and are desperate to get out of their situation, who can ill-afford the information that they will be paying for.

People who have lost their jobs and whose debts may be amassing, and who can definitely not afford to increase their debt.

So, what we have to think is who is going to get rich from these ‘get rich’ schemes, and I’m afraid the only person or people who are guaranteed money are those who are selling the information. Now what irritates me is that the people who can lest afford to throw away money are being sold information that is freely found online through search engines or online forums. The information is not secret ,it is not new and it may have worked well at some stage but may not be workable now, obsolete you could say. If I was to tell everyone the winning numbers for the next lottery draw no-one would win. Or if I was to sell the winning numbers then the only person who will hit the big time would be me because I have sold everyone the winning numbers for £1 guaranteed so 60 million people buy my info and I earn £60 million pound and everyone else gets about 60 pence from there winnings.

The other thing I must mention is if they are so successful and their system is so great then why create new competition who may take your customers and reduce your earnings. The only person who would do that would require psychiatric help.

Most of the people who buy into such products could find themselves buying into a form of pyramid scheme, whereby you buy the product but to make money you sell the product to other vulnerable people who in turn have to sell to other vulnerable people to make money. The only people who then make the big bucks are those looking down the pyramid at all the people below selling a product on how to sell the same product.

So if you are still with me and haven’t yet gone off to buy into one of these schemes then let me give you some help on how to make a little extra money. I have set out a few ideas you may want to look at trying to set up a website based on whatever your passion my be. You may not know right of but give it a thought(ie sport, hobbies, politics, religion, music and so on. Populate the website with opinions, information, tips, ideas and anything that would create an interest. After you have the information that you wish to put on design how it will look. The part that will make you money is the advertising so you will have to put that into your design. The revenue may not be huge but what ever you make goes some way to your goal of making a new revenue stream. Another part of the website revenue will be the affiliates schemes. To do this you can sign up with a load of different companies and offer their products on your site to your viewers and every sale you can make up to 5% or more. Once you have everything in place then you need to get people to your site this can be done through forums, social networking, search engine submission. You could also make a budget that you can afford to part with and use adwords. You can also setup a free website so this could be the best way of cutting your teeth before expanding to a paid server.

You may also try eBay or ebid to sell items either old or new but beware! EBay can be expensive if you are selling new high priced items so watch out or even this could be a waste of money.

Most of the information you will find in get rich schemes is available online now without the price tag all you are paying for is the sales patter and dreams of something that they cannot guarantee except their own bank balance.

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