How to Make $16.00 in Less Than an Hour Surfing Online (Pictures + Video) Super Easy

Wed, Jan 27, 2010, by lNVISIBLE

Money Making

Ever wanted to earn some extra cash in addition to work? Maybe just having extra cash to buy things as a student like a PS3, XBOX 360, PSP GO, iPOD TOUCH the possibilities are endless. You could even get legit free ijji g-coins, Maplestory nx cash cards, riot points for league of legends and many more – This is all possible and I will show you how in this tutorial.

EARN CASH! I made $20.00 in my first two weeks, on average people make $45.00 a week. Spending only 10 minutes or less! It’s very simple too :)

If you’re a student and you want to get something, but your parent’s don’t buy it for you like me? Well, I just make my own money! Here’s how:

I was currently introduced to this site called CrownGPT.

Now, let me talk about some basic features this site provides. 

1) This site pays you by Paypal which is instant . (When I say instant I’m talking about 2-5 seconds before you get paid.) The minimum amount of money before you get paid is $5.00. (You can make this much in 1-2 days depending on referrals.) 

2) The Offers on this site include PTC (Paid to click; $0.05 cents each, this is one of the highest paid amounts.), Surveys, Quizes and various other things which pay more than PTC’s but takes a little more time. Offers are what you do to make money! Seriously just spending an hour a day on this site doing these things could probably make you $16.00 a day.

3) Referral system. Three words, I LOVE IT! It’s awesome they got by a two level referral system, what this means is you make money from your referrals (People you introduce) and you make money from your referral’s referrals (People your referrals introduced). This will give you more money than ever, you’ll be making MORE than $16.00 an hour in no time. 

Level 1 Referrals = 15% of their earnings

Level 2 Referrals = 5% of their earnings

The best part is you’re surfing online anyways so why not just do this instead and earn some extra money.

Now let’s do some simple calculations. The maximum you can currently get from ONLY PTC is $0.90 If you do the other offers you will earn over $2.00. I’m just calculating PTC.

So if you’re cool enough to get 10 friends to join you and make money that’s

[Level 1 Referrals] $0.90 * 0.15% = $0.135 –> $0.13 PER PERSON

     $0.13 * 10 friends = $1.30 + $0.90 you make yourself = $2.20 A DAY.

Now, if your referrals get at least 3 referrals you earn money as well!

[Level 2 Referrals] $0.90 * 0.05% = $0.045 * (10 referrals * 3 people each) = $1.35 A DAY

TOTAL = $3.55 A DAY

$24.85 A WEEK

$99.40 A MONTH

     $1192.80 A YEAR

Please remember that this is only including PTC offers there are many many other offers to do which can earn you up to $3.00 a day and over BY YOURSELF! Now, you do the math ;)

Do you see how easy it is to make money from this site now? I know it’s better to get a job, but can you work whenever you want on a job? Can you stay home on a job? Can you just click for 10 minutes a day and make this much with a job?

As you can this is only achievable by getting referrals and your referrals getting referrals. 

Fortunately I’ve written a GUIDE TO GET REFERRALS and you can use it to learn how to get a lot of referrals and get a lot of money. Be sure to send this article to your referrals as well, cause the more referrals they have the more money you get too! :)

How to SIGN UP

First things first you can help me by joining through me here: ;)

For those of you who DON’T want to join from me go here: ):

Anyways after you click ONE of the two links it should bring you to a screen that looks something like this.

Now you fill out the form on the right of the screen (highlighted in red) and then click Submit to proceed.

It will now bring you to a more informative registration page, in my opinion you don’t need to fill in your REAL information since they don’t need it for any particular reason anyways. You WILL need a REAL PAYPAL account though in order to receive your payments. 

You can sign up for a Pay pal account here: PAY PAL SIGN UP

Once you’re done filling out the form, you can start earning money! 

PTC (Paid To Click)

Here’s a tutorial on doing your Paid To Click’s (PTC)

Click the “Offers” Button on the right side of the page to start making money.


Now you will see a screen similar to this one.

The offers are displayed in the centre of the home page where you are able to click on them to complete. Click on ANY of the links located in the middle of the page. (Click the Name of the Offer.)

TIP#1 – Usually I open the offers in the same browser in a different tab cause it’s easier and don’t close the CROWN GPT window!

A website similar to the above will load up in the new tab. The objective of the offer is to click on AT LEAST ONE LINK on the page you just opened. Go ahead, click on one of those links. :)

TIP#2 – I tend to open TWO links just in case, also both loaded in a new tab. Wait until the site FULLY LOADS before you proceed or you may experience some problems in receiving your hard earned money!

Now when the site is fully loaded, go back to the Crown GPT page and click submit for the offer you JUST completed. You can now close all the windows that you just opened and you’re now ready to do your next PTC! ;)

TIP#3 – After you finish doing 5 – 8 offers, clear your cookies (don’t know how? HOW TO CLEAR COOKIES HERE!) on your web browser. This will speed up crediting process (you’ll get paid faster).


Here are just some screen shots of my payments that I have received in the past few days.

First Payment $6.25 (Above)

5 days later, second payment $5.50(Above) TOTAL SO FAR= $11.75

5 days later, third payment $6.50(Above) TOTAL SO FAR = $18.25

It is fairly simple to make money on this site, I HIGH recommend CROWN GPT to anyone. I only started a little over two weeks and this is the MOST money I’ve made off any paying sites out there. Just try it out, there’s nothing to lose!

TIP#4 – The trick is not to do this everyday by yourself. You need to invite as many friends as you can so they can help you earn the money. Sooner or later you won’t need to do anything at all but you’ll still receive the same amount of money.

Need help getting referrals? Look at my How To Get Referrals Article.


Here is a video which shows how I do my PTC offers everyday and it shows me cashing out too.

If you like earning money click “I Like” above or right below! Thanks!!


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