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Mon, Dec 21, 2009, by DAN MCHARDY

Money Making

Want to get fast money? What to become rich in about a month? Want to retire without the pain of earning no money? Look no further then, read this amazing article to discover how me and my friend got rich in one month…


First off, thanks for viewing my article, because the more you do this the more it inspires me to make more!

Second, are you willing to put a little time and effort into this? If not you might as well face the fact, if you are not willing to put time into something you will never succeed! So that brings me to my first point…

Be patient!

The money will not instantly appear you have to wait! Only 1/40 get fast instant money and they are mostly old retired and have nothing else to do… So if you work on your stuff, advertise well and wait patiently you should see the money fly in!

Use Youtube!

Youtube has grown immensely since 2005-2009, and has proved to be a very successful business! What is more that this business could just help you profit too if you know what to do…

1. Make a Youtube account!

2. Edit your account to your style.

3. Contemplate what your videos are going to be all about…

4. Think about why people will view your videos among the other billion out there…

5. Be prepared to progress…

6. Make your first video (edited with Sony Vegas pro9! (or any other editing program)

7. Be consistent with your videos!

8. Subscribe, comment and rate peoples videos loads!

9. Get people to watch your videos!

Finally become famous and become a Youtube partner!

Now what?

Now the moment everyone has been waiting for… What website to go on to become rich!

Click this link!

The link will take you to where I successfully made $5.00 a day from hardly working at all… However if you keep at it and as I said previously (put loads of effort in) you will earn maybe a beautiful $100.00 a day! My friend earned a whopping $3000.87! In a month on this site, and has been dancing with joy ever since!

So what are you waiting for? Sign up now!             

Happy being rich!

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  1. Anupam Kachroo Says:

    3000$ through triond :o ..thats outrageous… exaggeration ??

  2. DAN MCHARDY Says:

    nope truth! My friend spends every non working day and hour unless being with his kids, writing new articles!

  3. Avaxier Says:

    It will take years before you reach that amount. Trust me, I’ve been here for 5 months and still stuck with at most $21 per month. Good for RS Membership only.

    There are many faster ways. One of them is IMRC. I could get like $200 per month there. The info is in my newest article. Won’t spam the link here because it’s inappropiate.

  4. Rockwall Says:

    good guide, and now I’m off to work hard!!!

  5. DAN MCHARDY Says:

    Thanks guys for commenting on this!

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