How to Get Free Vodafone Credit! Scam Free!

Sat, Nov 14, 2009, by Zizheng

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Here is how to get free phone credit.

OK guys, who doesn’t have enough credit on their phone? Is it hard to resist the temptation of calling and wasting money? well I’m gonna tell you guys how to get free credit on your phone. One hundred percent legal, so if your phone company doesn’t like it there is nothing they can do about it. No scam!

If your on prepay and havent done this, make sure you do now. Go to, and click my vodafone . Register for it, and follow the instructions. The update your information by clicking the advert which says Complete our survey for $10 free credit. Click on it, and input your details. After this you will $10 free credit. if you don’t call 777 and they will Help you.

go to, and register. use your real number, obviously. otherwise they will send your credit to some random. Follow the steps, and then just wait and do nothing. when you start off, they will send practically nothing. its 10cents credited to you account a text, and they only send it to you when you reach $2.50. That’s why you refer friends.

You get $1.00 every friend you refer, so Get referring! This is just to start off. when you’ve joined for a year, you’ll get about 3-4 texts a day. that’s a lot for doing nothing at all.

Anyway, once you’ve reached $2.50 they ll give money to you every month. no scam, 100% legal. enjoy!

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  1. Zizheng Says:

    Ps. this only works for new Zealand

  2. Cherie Says:

    thanks for sharing, very helpful

  3. Noodleman Says:

    Lol I’m in New Zealand but I use Telecom not Vodafone =(

  4. Zizheng Says:

    hey mr sir, you can still use telecom on hoohaa, however the payment is a tiny bit slower. i should have included that lol. maybe ill edit it.

  5. gonimarku Says:

    hi i am just starting

  6. Harry Krinkle Says:

    Hey Thanks a lot bro. If I could meet u in real life i’d suck ur cock. thats how much i love u bro. FREEEE CREDIT WOOHOO

  7. brian Says:

    anybody know how to get this free credit in the uk?

  8. jessica la delfa Says:

    GO BUY SOME u tight ass

  9. trentayy Says:

    how do you refer friends.

  10. ryan Says:

    does it work in the uk

  11. alex Says:

    are you sure

  12. tukere Says:

    ghee ur the man i love you it actually works

  13. tukere Says:

    ghee ur the man i love you it actually works

  14. bhhjj Says:

    whats the primary number??????????/

  15. tyde Says:

    Heey this works i did it before i looked at this

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