How to Get Free Amazon Credit!

Sun, Mar 14, 2010, by vb545323

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Want to buy something on Amazon but don’t gave a credit card or don’t want to have to pay for it on you own? Learn how to get it for free!

We all usually want something really badly at some point in time. We end up wasting our money on stuff that just ends up in a closet. Well I have a fix for throwing out that money.

Why bother spending your own money on things you want when you can complete a few simple tasks and you can get it absolutely free on the Internet. There is a site called Gifts4Points which is exactly what it sounds like.

At you will complete offers and then you will receive points for offers. Once you have saved up a decent amount of points you can turn them in for gift cards for various places such as Amazon.

The site works perfectly and is very safe. Up to this date I have probably made about $100 on it so I would suggest you give it a try and stop wasting your own money!

Also, I am doing a little promotion here. The first one to downlad this file will recieve a $5 Amazon gift card just for raeding this article! The download has a text file with a Amazon Gift Code in it that you can enter into your account to recieve $5! Download the gift code here!

Gifts For Points – Sign Up Now

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