How to Get a Free Newegg Gift Card Code

Sun, May 9, 2010, by norradjer99

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About NewEgg and how to get free newegg gift card codes.

 Some people may ask “What is NewEgg?” NewEgg is a newer online retailer like Amazon and Ebay but the prices are unbelievably cheap! I bought some things like Xbox controllers (2), computer keyboards, gaming mouse some Xbox games and a PS3 for the total of $330 which I find pretty cheap as 2 controllers is $120 (Paid $70 at NewEgg) at a store, a few keyboards for $20 and the PS3 for only $216, NewEgg, like all the other online retailers has some different URLs for different country’s like and which I find great because I live in Canada and have some trouble finding good online retailers ( has like nothing).

 Do you want to know the funny thing, I never actually paid for the things above, I got them for free! All I did was join Gifts4Points, did a few surveys and the NewEgg gift cards were in my email the next day! It was so easy to earn them, you also can get them too! People have earned over $2500 on this site and they only did some free surveys! You can get a $100 amazon gift card, $25, $50, $10, PayPal, Xbox Live, Microsoft Points, PSN Codes and more, you can get anything off Amazon or even get PayPal to buy ANYTHING you want for free! So join Gifts4Points today and start earning like I did! Join Gifts4Points here – Free NewEgg Gift Card Codes

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  1. iItz Snipez Says:

    Thanks, I found this very helpful, I really needed some NewEgg Gift Cards!

  2. Bob Smith Says:

    I know this is an old post but had to comment anyway. If all you really had to do was “fill out a few surveys” then why are you trying to get people to sign up through your referral link? Obviously there’s a lot more to it (including roping other people in) than you let on so be a decent human being and tell the full story.

  3. ur a faggot Says:

    go and die fag0t

  4. Free Newegg Gift Cards! Says:

    The site I am a part of is actually legit and will let you custom order Newegg gift cards for any amount! Go to this link or click my name! The offers and surveys at this site will actually credit! So you can earn a lot of points!

  5. sssss Says:

    People are so dumb. lol ref id on the end

  6. Anthony Says:

    This site is fucking retarded. How do you expect someone to sit there for weeks and make 2,500 points to purchase a gift card for $25.

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