How to Find The Best Deals on Ebay

Fri, May 28, 2010, by Regina Castle

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This is basically the best information a person can get that wants to find a great deal on eBay.

Most sellers on eBay do not want you to know how to find the best deals, they are only interested in making a sale with you. The more you know about eBay the better you are. Have you seen those commercial that want to sell you, how to make money on eBay kits? The information in these kits are available to you free any time you want it. You just got to know where to look. But this is the problem most people would prefer someone to tell them and make it easy for them, so that they don’t have to read and figure things out for there self. But honestly it only takes a moment or two to read a little and figure things out. The best place to start is this page has everything you will basically need to know. But for you all that still just don’t want to take the time, this is my gift to you. I am going to tell you the big secret that sellers don’t want you to know. The secret that some people charge you to find out. The secret that’s not really a secret at all its just a little knowledge that can benefit buyers and sellers.

Its called completed listings.  Once you have typed in what you are looking for in the search bar and begin your search. Scroll about half way down the page and in the column on the left you will see a list of different options you can choose to help in your search for the right item. You will see the words “completed listings”. When you click this its going to show you what other items like yours have sold for already, and this is basically what they are worth on eBay.  With this information you can then make a good buying decision on eBay. Because now you know not to pay anymore than what they have already sold for. You also now know what the bids will more than likely reach, so you can enter the right maximum bid. Or you can find a buy it now that’s below or equal to what they have sold for and buy it this way without worrying if you have paid to much. See this option also benefits the sellers. Because they can search to see what items are worth before they list them. This way they will know if its going to be worth their time and money for fee’s to create the auction. 

I have been selling and buying on eBay for many years and people are constantly asking me to help them find a good deal and to help them get started selling. This is basically the best information a person can get that wants to find a great deal on eBay, and you never had to pay a dime for it.

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