How to Earn Money with Zoombucks

Sun, Oct 17, 2010, by Sona N

Money Making

Zoombucks is a new website to earn money and it is global.. Only searches can win you Amazon and other store’s Gift cards.

 Zoombucks is six months old gpt and paid to search website. You have to use as a search engine just like google to earn Zbucks. Later you can redeem those Zbucks for Amazon gift cards,electronics etc.

  Zoombucks is legit and trusted website to earn money on the Internet. I have earned 1000 ZoomBucks[Digital Dollar of the website] within a week. Earn Zbucks by easy tasks such as fill  up forums, ask quotation for auto, health insurance, watch videos, shop through their store, play game or and Searches is the easiest way to earn Zbucks

Now you must have few question about this website,aren’t you? If yes than you are at right place.

Earning on Zoombuck’s FAQ’s

What is Zbuck’s Value ? 100 Zbucks=$1

Is it international ? Yes

What are the prizes?popular prizes are Amazon ,New egg,,Hp, Comp USA gift cards,Electronics etc

What is minimum cashout ? $10

For the first time cash out,you must have a minimum of 2000 ZBucks

What is referral policies of this website? You will earn 10% of your referral point.Limit is upto 3000 points that means $30/referral

How to earn zoombucks? there are so many ways to earn zbucks.Check left side of your dashboard.

GPT offers: Earn zbucks from 4 different categories offers-like OfferPal
 Gambit ,GWallet ,Super Rewards. You will find 100s of offers in this section. I love to do easy Facebook application offers to earn zbucks.

Search engine- use zoombucks as a search engine. Make zoombucks as a homepage

Codes-Follow zoombucks on Facebook and Twitter to earn zbucks.

Daily surveys: Daily surveys are available for all countries.Name itself suggests that you can do this survey everyday.

Points[Zbucks] from daily surveys are as below

Surveyhead-60 points

MyThoughtCount-60 points

Giveusyour2cents-55 points

Palm Research-50 points

SSI surveys-50 points

Opinion surveys-55 points

Shopping: Zoombucks have 500 store partners so shop through zoombucks directroy and earn Zbucks/dollar you spend

Zdaily: there are 10 categories.Click on any.Sometimes you can earn zbucks

Contests and Tasks:There are different tasks to earn zbucks. Few of them are

Complete Extended Profile – 100 ZBucks

Forum Account – 10 ZBucks

Complete Basic Profile – 5 ZBucks

Post offer guide in Zoom bucks forum to earn 30 Zbucks and you tube submission will earn you 40 Zbucks.Limit is 3/month

Play Games: Spend 2 zbucks to play the games and three prizes are awarded everyday

Paid To Read Emails: you will get paid/unpaid emails so create new email ID for zoombucks

So….try out zoombucks and earn money

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