How to Earn Money on the Internet Without Getting Scammed

Thu, Apr 16, 2009, by Kevoow

Money Making

Making some small change on the Internet: it seems a fun pastime for a lot of people. But most people who want to earn a small fee on the Internet for doing various tasks, do not want to do much work for it (like writing content, …) so they search for PTC-websites.

PTC stands for Paid-To-Click. You sign up for an account. You can then proceed to a control panel, where you can find advertisements. You click them, and you earn money. Simple as that. But with the money you earn there, you can’t even buy a chewing gum in the gum dispenser on the corner of the street. You get like 0,005 USD for one click, and most of the time, you can click only ten advertisements in 24 hours.

Most people think they found the ultimate solution by simple going to other PTC-websites, and sign them up on like ten websites, and rake up the money from them all and get rich. But i can tell you that fifty percent, if not more, doesn’t even pay you.

Websites with pictures of money bills in their logo (fictional example: B£€€DING CA$H), websites claiming that you can earn a lot of money (and sometimes even claim that you can quit your job, cause you will earn enough money on their website), and websites that ask for money and in return they’ll give you more money (so you invest and get more money in return): they are ALL scams.

Same goes up for the websites that give money for surveys. You spend hours filling them in, and you have a glimpse at the amount of money that you have already earned. Only to notice that the payday has come, and you do not see any money adding up to your bank account.

There is only one website in the world that I have found, that does not scam you and does what it promises that it will do. Yes, I am talking about Triond. Triond is a website that pays you for content you write, pictures you shoot, and videos you record. The fun part about Triond is that you are totally free about what you write. That means that everyone around the world can be part of Triond.

You’re a sixty-eight year old woman who likes to knit? Write a tutorial on knitting about it and post it on Triond! You like to cook every once in a while? Why not submit your favourite recipe on Triond? The amount of money you earn on Triond depends on how many readers that read your article.

Write about interesting stuff and visitors will find your articles automatically. If you’re still searching for a website to make some money on-line, then I can tell you that you can now stop searching. Go to Triond, sign up for an account, and start writing! Have fun writing!

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