How to Earn Money on The Internet Without Doing Anything

Tue, Sep 13, 2011, by zenith

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Make a difference and improve the performance of the Internet: using the unused capacity of your PC. And earning money in the process!

Now all dependent on the Internet, both for news and for information for: shopping, commerce, entertainment. Unfortunately, we often come into delays in loading pages with sites grind to a halt or even the failure of major operations.

Now there is a way you can help make a difference and improve the performance of the Internet: using the unused capacity of your PC. And earning money in the process!

Using the combined computing power of thousands of PCs around the world Gomez is able to measure in real performance of Web sites. The data collected will be used by clients of Gomez to improve the performance of their Web sites and possibly improve the online experience for all of us.

We can earning money from this?


Right now, Gomez is looking for users from all over the world with different Internet connection types, including dial-up and broadband users. To join the community become a Gomez PEER today!

What is Gomez Peer?

Gomez Peer launched in early 2001. Gomez Peer is a peer application that runs on you pc. All you need is a computer that is on and connected to the internet. They are a peer computing network which measures the performance of customer websites. Gomez Peer earns for you. They pay members of their network (that’s you if you join) to be online while running the Peer software. During idle time the software uses your internet connection to test websites (yes, this means you can get paid while you sleep).

How does that work?

Gomez Peer downloads work from its server. It majority work is testing sites in different countries. The application is small and tests different sites on your pc. It does so only when your pc is idle. It is totally unobtrusive. Many times, you even forget that there is a small application running on your pc. By running the Gomez Peer, you will provide the most realistic picture of Web performance to the peer community. Members are paid for each hour of processing time. Members are only paid for days that they run the software for 4 hours or more. This should be easy to do considering that you can run the software at night. The program is available internationally. Payments are made monthly to all members with a $5 minimum via Paypal or E-Gold. Gomez Peeris very reliable and all personal data is completely private.

Will it work with my pc?

Yes, just a pc and an active internet connection are required. Although it takes sometime to make your account status active, once active, you will enjoy watching this small application gathers dollars for you.

Gomez Peer runs great with XP, does not interfere with surfing or downloads, and dosent take alot of resources and no spyware, and they do pay !! It may take a week or so til you are activated, keep running the peer bar and you will continute to collect money for your time online, you dont even need to surf just have it on.

Slow internet connection?

No problem. Gomez Peer is designed in such a way that even a user having dial-up connection can earn. There are some countries from where the applicants are more required. You can check the countries on its main page. Most of the time only dial-up customers from certain countries are required.

Ok I am ready. Now what?

1. Complete the online application form. Click here.

2. Download the Gomez Peer software.

3. Register for a Paypal or e-Gold account. Prefer Paypal for faster payments.

4. Install, run the Gomez Peer and start earning.

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