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Mon, Jan 25, 2010, by PeoplesContent

Money Making

Just curious about how much money can a writer make on is a writing site that gives citizen journalists a place to write about local and national news or events. Many writers through out the United States and a few parts of Canada have joined However, I wonder how much can a writer for really make? I have read both good and bad things about Examiner.

All signed up but nothing to submit

I had signed up for last year but didn’t submit any articles right away because of all the negative feedback I was reading about the site. Low payments, late payments, and the possibility of no payments was a real turn off. I read a lot of people couldn’t make more than $500 per month, if they are lucky. Basically, those writers were saying is a real waste of time.

Examiner’s Love For Google News

The major issue that many writers have with Examiner is the pay scale. No one really knows how much Examiner really pays writers. There are a lot of writers who claims the earnings was $10 per 1000 page view. Which would be about $0.01 per 1 page view. This outrage a few writers who believe their work is worth more than $0.01 per page view. I went ahead and dug a bit deeper to find that many of Examiner’s articles was being picked up by Google News which help some writers gain some page views.

Something to Submit, My try with Examiner

I decided to write an article and submit it to Examiner.

Though it wasn’t my best piece of work, it had gained a lot of views. In fact the second day it was up I earned $45.90 and my earnings have been going up ever since (please note that I do not believe in earning money off of such a tragic situation, all earnings from that article will be donated to a charity).

Is writing for Examiner worth writing for?

I’m not sure right now. With only one article posted (at the time of this article here on Triond), I can’t come to a final decision just yet. The earnings so far looks promising, however, I was told Examiner’s reputation is sinking within the freelance world. I have read some writers were able to get freelance work based on their articles.

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  1. qasimdharamsy Says:

    NICE ARTICLE…dont you think triond is much better…

  2. PeoplesContent Says:

    Each site has its advantages and disadvantages. I find that my earnings are higher at Examiner. Triond is good in other ways.

  3. Joe Says:

    You don’t believe in making money off of tragedy? Do you believe in reporting on and writing about things people want to know about?

  4. Shamyl Says:

    Is it limited only to North America ?

  5. PeoplesContent Says:

    @Shamyl: Yes, it’s limited to Americans and some cities in Canada.

  6. Dave Says:

    They are all the same unfortunately and u will burn out because of the low pay. The articles are all niche and requested keyword articles. They are ad paid and the writers company make the money off the sponsors. unfortunately the writers just do the dirty work which takes too much time supplying the keywords which generate ad clicks which in turn generates bucks for the sponsors and the writing company. Sad but true

    Ex writer for Examiner
    Associated Content

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