Home Based Job: Five Tips to Increase Your Home Based Job Efficiency

Fri, Nov 27, 2009, by PhoenixRox

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This article aims at helping you improve your home based job efficiency. Be your own boss and make the most of what you have, to increase home based job efficiency.

If you are a freelancer or have a home based job, I am sure you work hard and still have fun doing what you do. Though having a home based job can be truly rewarding, there are some issues you might face. Several times, people don’t realize that:

1. A ‘Home based job’ is still a ‘job’. When you are home, it does not mean you are slacking or can relax all day long.

2. A ‘Home based job’ does not mean that you can entertain unexpected friends, who drop by when you need to be working.

3. A ‘Home based job’ does not mean that you can chit-chat through the day, anytime of the day.

5 tips to increase your home based job efficiency are listed below:

1- Define an Office space: No matter how big or small your home is, you need to define an office space to be efficient at your home based job. It could be an entire room, or just a table- define it. This will be the main area where you work. Not at the kitchen table, not in the living room while watching TV. Make the most of your time.


 A Home office

2- Keep your Office space organized: Be it a table or a large room, keep your office space organized. Have some stationary like pens, pencils, staplers, cellotape and a notepad handy. Also, keep a dictionary and other reference books handy. This will help prevent you from getting distracted, if you do need any of the above mentioned things.


Small home office

3- Define home based office job hours: If you have to take care of kids and have responsibilities, break up your work hours into small portions and stick to them. But define work hours.

4- No phone calls during home based office job hours: Keep your phone on vibrator mode and when you see the phone vibrate, see if it is an important number. If not, let it go to your voicemail. Don’t let such phone calls distract you.

5- Keep some food and water handy: Keep some food and water within your home based job ‘office space’. This again will prevent you from wandering off to the kitchen, and getting distracted.

I still want to stress that it is important to take those few minute off, every 45 mins to an hour. Health is important and don’t forget to flex those hand, eye , neck and back muscles.

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  1. Val Mills Says:

    Thanks for sending me in your direction Rox – if only my office space looked like this! Great advice, now I need motivation in self-discipline!

  2. metro7 Says:

    How true.work is work from home or office irrespective same high priority should be given to it.good write keep up the good work. thxs..

  3. Sharif Ishnin Says:

    Good advice. It’s easy to forget these basic rules when you work from home.

  4. Christine Ramsay Says:

    That is such good advice. It is not always easy to work without distractions in the home, but this set of instructions will certainly help. Well done.


  5. jimbob1 Says:

    Hey Rox…some very valuable information…even if you working in “home office” without a job…Thanks…now if I can only implement these invaluable suggestions!

  6. Peter Cimino Says:

    Another very well done advice article.

  7. deep blue Says:

    Real, helpful tips indeed.

  8. lillyrose Says:

    All really good comments. I get phone messages left from friends saying where are you? or you are always out…they can’t get it into their heads that I work at home and don’t pick up the phone because I am working!!

  9. magicdarts Says:

    Well said, its so important to get the balance right, otherwise the temptation is always there to slack off – that said working from home does allow you the chance to have a cheeky siesta every once in a while!

  10. diamondpoet Says:

    When some people are unsupervised they tend to get a little lazy, I agree with you I can’t work in an environment that is all cluttered it makes me nervous to see thing in disarray. Good write, great advice.

  11. fmakeita Says:

    Thanks for this good advice.

  12. EMVY548 Says:

    Self-discipline is important for a Soho job. Good!

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